The fifth Spirala evening, 3.4. 2015


There was the fifth Spirala evening on Friday, 3 April 2015. It took place at Spirala Centre in Ljubljana. As usually the hall was filled with attendees. We were all eagerly expecting what the evening will bring us this time. It started off with a short film made by Anže. During screening we admired the […]

E-buummm, 22.3. 2015


There was another E- buummm on Sunday, 22 March 2015 – Hike to Sabotin. The attendees gathered at Spirala Centre in Ljubljana. After the Get ready for the day programme they attended a long session. Due to bad weather they were kept for quite a while at Spirala and watched the movie Under the Tuscan […]

E–BUUMMM, 8.3. 2015


The group of people who attended the E- buummm on Sunday, 8 March 2015, gathered in Spirala Centre in Ljubljana. After the Get ready for the day programme (energy movement, relaxation), morning energy session and breakfast they departed towards Opčine at 8am. The weather was already looking good at the time of departure. The cars […]



The fourth Spirala evening took place on Friday, 6.3.2015. We were really looking forward to it, which was showed in every corner Spirala Centre being filled. Usually the Spirala evenings programme consists of several parts with the first one being devoted to creativity of attendees where they show what they deal with, what they know […]