The Anti-stress Programme, November 2016

On Sunday, 20 November 2016, the Daily anti-stress programme is being held at Spirala. The Anti-stress programme is based on the regeneration of the natural flow of life energy. The aims of the programme are: to increase vitality to relax and become peaceful to come up with more ideas to achieve a higher quality team […]

Spirala’s Activities 2017

In the upcoming year of 2017, Spirala – the Centre for quality will be carrying out the below additional programmes: The LT instructor course ( 27.1. – 12.2.) The Slim & Flexible Course (3.3. – 8.3. + 3x Wednesday) Revitalising days at a seaside (25.5. – 28.5.) One-day programmes (E-day, E-buummm, anti-stress programme) Evening programmes […]

Celebrating Spirala’s 20th Anniversry

This month we celebrate 20 years since Spirala, the Centre for quality of life was established. We are organising two events to celebrate the anniversary – special “Spirala’s step towards you” programme with content related to the anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Spirala celebration.

The Modern children course – part 5

We recently entered the times when children with extraordinary abilities had started being born. They have special souls and can be difficult to guide because in general their energy is stronger than their parents’ energy. They are rejecting a way of life that is currently considered standard because they sense that they need a new […]

The sixth Spirala evening, 8.5.2015

The sixth Spirala evening took place in Ljubljana. The sixth Spirala evening took place in Ljubljana. It began with a musical performance by Zorica and Astrid. The common thread of Spirala evenings has been screening of Star Wars films. Through Lea’s commentary the attendees started recognising how light and dark forces are functioning. After the […]