Energy vacation on Triglav


Day 1: Rudno polje – Velo polje
Day 2: Velo polje – Kredarica – Triglav – Planika – Velo polje
Day 3: Velo polje – Dolič – Velo polje
Day 4: Velo polje – Rudno polje – Blejsko jezero lake

Visitor of Spirala tells about solved health problems


14 years ago I was stressed because of my business. I also had health issues with angina pectoris, menopause and nervousness. I visited treatments at Spirala every day and after 14 days, while I was relaxing, I experienced a blockage in my chest being removed and angina pectoris was gone.

E – buuummm, 11.5.2014


In May nine members of Spirala went hiking on Vremščica (1027m). Along the way they went past many meadows that were so full of daffodils they seemed to be white. They also saw some other beautiful plants, especially peonies were admirable.