On 11 March »Super Concentration« course began at Spirala. It was going on for a week at Spirala’s premises in Ljubljana as well as in Celje. The purpose of the course was to improve concentration, memory, study and work efficiency of the participants.


Master Lea designed a course, during which participants were receiving new messages about humans being energy beings and about human interaction in relation to the energy.  Theoretical topics were becoming activities, everything was happening in relaxed atmosphere, activating new responses of the participants.

As one of the participants, a mother of a primary school pupil, told: » It was so good, so effective, that all children should have received these teachings! I’m truly happy that we took part in this course. My son opened and confided in us what he had held inside.  Now we both have wider views on situations that happen in school. We look at them from different aspect. It’s been great experience for us both. During such intensive activities at Spirala I always get new points of view and great encouragement for further training.«

Another female participant highlighted the theoretical part, which she found interesting and astonishing.

The main point of the course could be concluded by the following view of a male participant:

»There were relatively few words said during the course, but those that were, together with the accompanying activities, gained high energy potential, wherein every participant could pick his piece of the fresh-message-imbued cake.«