From 18 March to 23 March a course named Goodbye Headache was held at Spirala’s premises in Ljubljana. The purpose of the course was to teach the participants how to defeat pain without pills, how to correctly  and effectively massage head, successfully relax and defeat headache. There was also talk with the participants about causes for headache, pain, blockages, energy.


View of one of the participants: »Although I’ve been visiting Spirala for quite some time, I was given a lot from the course. I truely felt, that everything is the energy and how important it is to train changing of our morality. I was moved to tears by Lea’s devotion to the energy, her knowledge, her unselfish work with the energy. Even more than before I felt great respect towards energy and Lea.

During the course Lea also showed as exercises, that can be done to help against headache. They’re effective and easy to learn. Going for a walk also helps greatly and  energy massages and programmes, such as Novita, Dorvita, Manivita and Pedivita, are also very relaxing.

I must say once more that I felt the energy and it’s almightiness the most during the course. Even though  I was confronting my mother’s health problems during those days, I was returning from Spirala calm, relaxed and grateful for this experience.«