What I got at Spirala? – Vesna, 44 years

Vesna has been visiting Spirala since 1996. This is how she summarized the top results she has achieved by visiting SPIRALA:

  • My menstrual cycle has regulated from 33-35 days to 28 days
  • Liver cancer messages have cleared (physically through my eyes)
  • Problems with my eyes (sensitivity, tearing, blinking) have disappeared
  • With the help of energy treatments my sprained leg has healed in 2 days
  • Relationship with my partner has become more effortless
  • Fear of speaking (at work, in front of people) has disappeared
  • Relationships with people at work, where I lead my team into energy relaxation once a week, are more relaxed
  • With the help of the training my body has rejuvenated and gained new perceptive abilities