Bilious attacks – Petra, age 33


I got my first bilious attack shortly after giving birth. It was extremely painful, however I wasn’t scared because as soon as I have visited SPIRALA I realised what pain, illness and other problems that plague us in life really mean. It’s just cleaning of our souls through our bodies. If we know how to be happy with pain and how to accept it then it will disappear quickly and we become healthier and reach deeper inner peace.

In the very beginning I couldn’t be happy about the pain of bilious attack. By focusing on it I felt it even more and the pain was unbearable. I decided to immediately visit SPIRALA to get help where I asked Energy, which was acting through Master Lea, for help. I got the following instructions: Petra, sing! And so I did. Every time I experienced an attack I immediately started to sing the "Kekec" song and kept singing until the pain stopped. During singing I felt in my heart that I was receiving healing. The attacks started appearing less often and the periods of pain were getting shorter with each attack. I remember the moment when I was home alone with my baby Iza. While I was changing her diapers I got another attack. Firstly, I was overwhelmed by the thought that now is not the right time to feel pain because I have to put my child to bed and the "Kekec" song came to my mind again. When I finished with the first verse of the song I felt that my bile opened like a window and then The Energy sucked out all the pain. This has happened in an instant and the attacks never occurred again since. I knew that my bile was cured without any help from doctors and tablets! Thank you Energy!