Weight loss – Petra, age 33

I have been fighting with food addiction throughout all of my youth. Even in my destiny reading, which I received in SPIRALA, was confirmed that I am having problems with obesity. I knew that I will have to go through hard training to overcome this deep blockage. Nevertheless, I decided to change and overcome my destiny, although many think that this is impossible.

I signed up for the first weight loss and healthy lifestyle course at SPIRALA which was called "Vitka in gibka" and was led by a Master Lea. I knew that I needed to change the way I live and receive nutrition and change my attitude to food. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to succeed without any help from Energy. How did I know that? Because I’ve already lost 30 kg a few years ago which I’ve regained in a year after I deliberately stopped with losing weight. The second time was different because I learnt how to eat and cook healthy in the course. We were doing weight loss body exercises, relaxation, breathing exercises, etc. Most importantly, it was my soul that absorbed a tremendous amount of energy and messages about healthy lifestyle which were integrated into my lifestyle. I immediately started living differently. I managed to overcome the resistance to movement and I began eating only foods with low glycaemic index and as a result I had more energy and more joyful life. People have even noticed that my voice has changed, and that my energy is completely different and livelier. After one year I again lost 30 kg. I have become a ‘new’ Petra. It’s been three years now since I attended the course and I’m still slim and flexible. Thank you Lea and The Energy!