We recently entered the times when children with extraordinary abilities had started being born. They have special souls and can be difficult to guide because in general their energy is stronger than their parents’ energy.

They are rejecting a way of life that is currently considered standard because they sense that they need a new and different lifestyle. That’s why their way of thinking often conflicts with current values and direction that they are pushed in during growing up. This can result in revolt and self-destruction by consuming of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc… It is therefore absolutely necessary that their parents gain the knowledge on how to transmit positive energy to their kids as they should act as energy pillars and support for their children instead of being a strict and cruel teacher or going into other extreme by being helpless and only spoiling their children.

The Modern children course consists of lectures, discussions, workshops and relaxation. Its purpose is to teach parents how to raise their energy levels and gain knowledge on how to guide their children towards a successful and happy life.

The course is led by an LT master and mathematics professor Lea Zgonik.

The fourth part of the course Modern children will begin on 12 January 2015 and conclude on 23 February 2015, taking place on Mondays at 19:00 in Spirala Centre.

Come and join us and we guarantee that you will be able create an open and relaxed atmosphere in your family!