I had a severe hormonal imbalance since my teenage years but at that time I wasn’t even aware of it. I had very strong menstrual pain, especially on the first day of menstruation. It started with strong pain in uterus and it progressed to the point that I got diarrhea and started vomiting. This caused strong pressure in my head, chills all over my body, my hands started twisting and my heart started pounding and I even lost consciousness for a moment.

I have been experiencing this since I was 14 years old. These attacks could last anywhere between one and six hours. Sometimes it even lasted all day along with strong migraine before the pain stopped. The menstruation then became normal after the first day without any severe pain. Each month I was expecting the first day of menstruation with fear because the pain was repeated on a monthly basis or sometimes every few months. At the time I didn’t know how to get help. I visited many doctors until one prescribed birth control pills which have solved all of my menstruation problems, however now I know that it only seemed that way. I’ve been taking birth control pills from for over 10 years and genuinely believed that the pills helped me and that the problems have gone away because there I haven’t felt the pain anymore. However, this was causing the thyroid gland to become been overactive and I experienced a complete collapse and low energy. Now I understand that because of birth control pills and their side effects I experienced a large hormonal imbalance and finally a thyroid failure. At the time I had absolutely no idea just how harmful these pills will turn out to be due to the side effects that I experienced later on.

Fortunately I came across a leaflet by Spirala when I had experienced a thyroid failure. In Spirala I started learning about Energy and how it works and I decided to stop taking pills and my health started to gradually improve. In the meantime the menstruation pain did come back occasionally, however I with the knowledge about Energy that I gained in Spirala I was able to overcome the pain without taking pills again. All my menstruation problems have been solved after one year of visiting Spirala. Energy helped me with fixing my menstruation and now I have no pain and lost all my fears of the first day of my menstruation cycle. All of the above mentioned issues including migraines have disappeared. In a rare occurrence of them reappearing I have been able to overcome everything by using help from the Energy. I am extremely grateful to the Energy for the natural healing that I have been receiving and all the experience and knowledge I have received about myself and life in general.