An interview with Lea Zgonik, Master of Life Technology

Lea Zgonik Cestnik is a master of Life Technology which is a modern spiritual process which aims to create a ‘new’ humanity based on high morality and awareness, without old and outdated energy patterns and infused with light. She’s been successfully running two Spirala centres with her husband Dusan for many years. One of the centres is based in Celje and the other one in Ljubljana.

Blog: Greetings, for several years you’ve been following the Life Technology (LT) method which is usually referred to as “process”. What has brought you to this method? What feelings have you experienced when you became a spiritual master?

L.Z.(Lea Zgonik): The first contact I had with this method was because my husband was infected by an incurable disease which happened over twenty years ago. I felt the divinity and inner fulfilment at the first contact with the Shen Qi energy (life source energy) and was hit by a sensation:” I feel like I arrived home now! I have spent all my life searching inner fulfilment and I haven’t even been aware of that.”

I became a master by practising letting of myself and to connect with Shen Qi energy every day. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to achieve this without receiving knowledge about invisible (prenatal) world that got by learning from master Aiping.

Blog: What problems can be solved by practising LT? Are there are any special conditions required for LT and are there limitations? Can practising LT result in deterioration of physical and/or mental health?

L.Z.: The LT method is teaching participants how to receive the life source energy and how to release their old life energy. Through this the energy of participants is becoming more and more clear and different and as a result of that the LT method can resolve all problems. The key is to be persistent and patient and practise flowing with life energy every day. There is no age limit, no religious, educational, national and sex restrictions. In short, this is a method for all and is suitable for anyone who decides to practise. LT never leads to deterioration or problems it only leads to premature release of all energy blockages which sometimes only appears as deterioration. It’s important that participants keep positive attitude to this reaction. LT also teaches them how to manage to stay positive during these periods of reactions.

Blog: If someone has a problem how can one find you?

L.Z.: One can visit us in either of our two centres. The first is based in Celje, Opekarniška 15b, 3000 Celje and the other in Ljubljana, Letališka 29c, 1000 Ljubljana. The centre locations along with our contact details (041 630 888 / can be found on our website at It is also possible to get in touch via our Facebook page. Our activities take place every day of the year including weekend and national holidays. We have been operating this way for many years since our beginning in 1996 in Celje and 2003 in Ljubljana.

Blog: One of the unique parts of LT is learning about the so-called. What do you mean when you talk about the word message? Can you briefly describe LT? s this spirituality, psychological treatment or something else entirely?

L.Z.: Messages are the source of all events on Earth and universe which enable us to move, respond, develop and create. Each piece of information is carried by messages. This information contains records and instructions that transform each message into a form, image, response… Information is what gives impact and power to these messages.

Life Technology uses the energy that comes from life source and aims to change the life energy of an individual. It’s not necessary to understand this technology. We only need to be able to use and enter into it. Life energy of every individual who uses this technology begins to change day by day. This requires practising on daily basis because we can’t change it overnight. Life Technology can improve your health and relationships, increase your morality and even develop special abilities. This is possible due to the energy coming from life source contains all of this force. LT works on two aspects of our lives:

1. Life Technology switches a human being from the universal station which was established at birth to the source station.

2. LT regulates the digestion system of our souls (Soul continuously receives fresh universal messages and releases old messages, therefore it never contains old messages).

As a result of these two aspects the soul of an individual eventually becomes compatible with the life source (creator) which is the condition for a constant connection to the life source (creator) and not being connected to the station established at birth. This results in disappearance of all diseases, conflicts in relationships, financial problems without reappearing ever again and an individual becomes wise and acts with the highest morality…

LT is a completely new method. It has appeared first in 1992. Today’s science and human mind can’t entirely comprehend it, therefore it can’t be entirely explained by the already known specifications. Like arts, sports, science and spirituality, LT appeared at a certain level of human development. New definitions for such methods will appear with further development of mankind.

Blog: You stress the importance of relaxation, balance of the five elements and the balance between yin and yang. This leads some to define LT as alternative medicine, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine while on the other hand Catholics define LT as express spirituality which only builds up individual’s ego and “spiritual materialism”.

L.Z.: As mentioned previously LT is a new method – the method of messages. Everyone has a right to express their understanding of what is beautiful and ugly, what is right and wrong. Of course each of us look from our own point of view. A young child is very interested to drive a toy car when playing in a sandbox. If he gets a real car there is nothing he can do with it while adults will not waste the time by driving in a sandbox. For them only a real car is valuable because they can drive it anywhere. The same is true when judging LT.

Blog: There are certain types of spirituality like Qi Gong and Yoga. In these methods participants train to get special abilities such as opening of a third eye, telepathy, powerful healing abilities, and more. What’s your view on these methods and what do special abilities represent in LT? Do special abilities represent a higher level of spirituality or they are just a ‘trap’ for an individual’s ego?

L.Z.: Those who have special abilities are certainly ahead of time in this field. I can’t not comment on approaches of other methods as I’m not familiar with them. In general I think that if someone is practising a method this means it’s working for them. We are all different and each of us have a unique soul, therefore we also choose different methods that serve us best for our development and progress.

The way I understand is that a higher level isn’t measured by one’s special but it is measured by how much one is able to go over and let go of oneself. As a result of this, one can flow with unconditional love and reach enlightenment. For me those who have special abilities and are full, proud and show off themselves are not on a high spiritual level.

Blog: This process has been attacked by the public many times because of the treatment methods and costs as well as allegations of improper financial operations; for example in Šiška. There were also stories about two people dying of cancer while staying at the farm in Takaro, New Zealand a few years ago. The reason being that they apparently refused healing using LT. There were similar cases in Croatia and even before that in Slovenia. Following news coming from New Zealand it is clear that the public was very upset because of LT which has also led to all the foreign LT students having to leave New Zealand ten years ago.

L.Z.: Homo sapiens just responds according to his understanding of situations. What his mind cannot comprehend he simply denies. Whenever he feels threatened he denies, criticizes or attacks. This has already happened in the past. For example the belief that the Earth was flat and not round. Back then most people couldn’t see the bigger picture therefore they believed that they were walking on a flat surface and not round. However, today already every child knows that the Earth is round.

I also attended classes at Phenomena Academy based at Takaro Lodge in New Zealand so I’m surprised by this story. In a fact only Janez died of skin cancer. When his wife brought his ash to Slovenia she told me that Janez decided to die on the farm and didn’t want any help from doctors. But I have a question. How many cancer patients has traditional medicine already cured? I also wonder if people have a right to decide how they’re going to deal with their disease.

Regarding Aiping’s business in Šiška I know that newspapers were writing about how much money Aiping was earning and how she wasn’t paying taxes. But no one actually researched and wondered why people were rushing to Aiping’s treatments from everywhere. Do you really believe that she was able to “enchant” thousands of people and deceive them? Are we Slovenes really that stupid?

In a few years, however it turned out that Aiping paid too much taxes because during running her business Yugoslavia fell apart and there was a confusion regarding laws and taxes. Anyone including Aiping who started their job received a tax credit for one year in accordance with the Marković’s Act.

My opinion about individuals who attended Aiping’s energy treatments and died regardless is iff there is a large mass of very sick people it can also happen that someone dies. People die in hospitals as well because their doctors also can’t prevent their death. The death is waiting for all of us, for some it comes earlier and for others later. But what’s important is just how clean your soul will be when you die. This will eventually become apparent to everyone including those who oppose Aiping as well as to those who sympathise with her. Some will get this understanding just before their death but better late than never.

It’s true that all the students who have been at the academy in New Zealand in 2004 have been deported from the country. The reason being that all of their visas expired because the Academy’s working permit was not extended in time. Afterwards because of the pressure from New Zealand’s locals the Ministry finally issued a permit for working to the Academy but this came too late as the students have already returned to Europe and China. What we learn in LT is not just for this very moment and present life but it’s an investment for the future.

I’m immensely grateful for the lectures that I received at the Academy and now I’m passing it on to my students. LT and all those who follow it have a bright future. Let me finish with the sentence which I say often: Time will give you the answer.

Blog: Looking back, I’d like to ask you what are the main phases of development of Life Technology?

L.Z.: Life Technology was created at a time when there were favourable conditions for the development of homo luminis. This happened at the turn of the second to the third millennium. This technology was given to help people to move to the fourth level of development.

Master Aiping started developing the method of Life Technology in 1991\92 in Slovenia which was initially called the Qi Gong method of Aiping Wang. In 1992\93 she developed the method further in America and developed it into Shen Qi which evolved into Phenomenism in 1999\2000 in New Zealand. Qi Gong means to train energy. Qi is the life energy and Gong is training. Shen means God therefore Shen Qi could be translated as God energy but Aiping translated it as ‘Super creative energy’. Qi Gong method of Aiping Wang works mainly on health and emotions but only on a surface level. The results were fantastic but they were not permanent since it was not yet necessary to change people’s morality. A major focus has been on understanding of reactions that they are good and that we must look forward to them because the old energy is going out and the new on is coming in. The main two characteristics of Qi Gong were restless and noisy relaxation and the creation of the so-called ‘energy injection’.

Letting go of yourself is the essence of Phenomenism. There are some differences between letting go of ego and letting go of yourself. When you give up your ego you let go of the part of your character that holds thinking patterns and habits that tells you what is right and wrong. When you let go of yourself you additionally let go of what you think your virtues are and you also let go of the results of your creativity and you learn how to respond spontaneously. The next characteristic of Phenomenism is training the highest level of morality. When you train letting go of yourself and train the highest level of morality then your destiny can begin cleaning as well. A characteristic of Phenomenism is also raising people’s awareness and understanding of universal truth and rejuvenation.

Blog: Some say that the period between 2012 and 2014 is particularly important for human development. I’ve came to the same conclusion with my analysis of the spiritual potential of using Chinese techniques. However, it seems that there will be a huge cleaning process in 2016 and 2017 and the connection to the universal energy will be harder to get. What would you recommend to the people in the period of “fat cows” for times of energy “dry cows” which may be knocking on the door? How to prepare for this “crisis”?

L.Z.: When you’re farming you need to know when is the season for planting and when for harvesting. The same applies to spiritual development. So currently there is a favourable period for spiritual growth by cleaning and it’s wise to take advantage of it. It’s necessary to learn how to connect to the source of life energy and change the mentality that pushes into an emotional state and feelings of dissatisfaction.

Blog: Let’s look for a moment into the year of 2040. What are your insights into the future 25 years from now? Will humanity be able to live in a ‘new civilization’ which you refer to Phenomenism in your lectures until then?

L.Z.: At the moment I’m not able to determine the exact year when this will be happen but I do know that it will definitely happen and maybe even sooner then expected.

Blog: How do we know whether we act in accordance with universal messages in today’s world which is full of conflicting information and guidance? In your book Fenomenizem and CDs of Phenomenism you talk about the fact that we have to behave in accordance to the highest level of morality. What does the highest level of morality mean to you?

L.Z.: What the right advice for an individual is largely depends on the quality of their soul. Homo sapiens – today’s man is not able to read universal messages. There are only a few people who can and these are the spiritual masters who are supposed to teach and lead people into this new era.

A more moral person is the one who responds less emotionally and is more peaceful, joyful, relaxed… more positive. A person who has the highest level of morality is constantly positive, selfless, loving and performs good deeds.

Each morality is a way to achieve a certain truth. The highest level of morality is to achieve the universal truth.

Blog: People are used to talk about unselfish love and cosmic love as a unique emotional experiences. What does expressing of love represent for you?

L.Z.: People differently interpret the meaning of word love. They describe it as a feeling related to sentences such as ‘I like you, I’m fond of you, I love you’. Some even consider that falling in love is love. Human love is a pleasant emotion which is housed in the heart. This is selfish love, because it generates possessiveness, jealousy, involving and focusing. Where there is pain there is certainly no love.

Only unconditional love I recognise as true love. This love flows through and overwhelm us from universe. It’s not an emotion because you feel calm, you unconditionally accept anything and you love all people.

Otherwise my definition of love is that love is a bridge built of respect. Love messages flow across this bridge and their friction produces creative force. So love is not an emotion but a creative force.

Blog: What does master Aiping represent for you? It seems that you have become almost completely independent from her in the last few years. Are the development trends in your Centre similar to that of Aiping Wang or has Spirala already given birth to a new spirituality?

L.Z.: She is my spiritual mother and teacher and a friend. At the moment I have no comparison on the development trends of the master Aiping therefore I can’t answer this question. However, I’m sure that her master level is higher than mine and that her mission and importance in LT is different than mine. Perhaps a good analogy I can give you is a tree. If she’s the trunk then I’m a branch that is quite high and has already produced fruit.

Blog: Is there a difference between the rejuvenation programmes developed by master Aiping and your programmes such as NOVITA?

L.Z.: I can see no significant differences.

Blog: Finally I would like to ask you what does LT mean for you?

L.Z.: LT is currently the most effective and quickest way to transformation from homo sapiens to homo luminisa. It’s an effective tool for and evolutionary steps of human and entering into the new lifestyle of Phenomenism in which the diseases, conflicts and poverty all disappear and produces a beneficial life infused with love and creativity.

Blog: Thank you for your time and I wish you a great success in following of your spiritual path.