The second Spirala evening took place on Friday, 9.1. 2015. Following the first Spirala evening a month ago we have all been filled with enthusiasm and have been eagerly waiting for the next one that once again left us feeling amazed.

This time there were that many of us that the room was completely packed. All the chairs were taken and even our pleasant steps came handy for seating. Upon entering the room we could already sense a feeling of joy, expectation and connection between us. Handshakes, hugs, greetings, chat… all added to the increase of eagerness and curiosity about what kind of beautiful experience we will get this time around.

In the beginning we were greeted by Lea who briefly introduced the 4th Modern children course which is taking place in January and February. Some of the attendees of previous courses have shared their thoughts and experience. Such courses always give a lot of knowledge that’s why they are recommended to all who have any contact with children. The courses help putting the theory of Life Technology into practice into our daily lives.

After that the short presentation it was Dejan’s turn. Starting with an introduction where he thanked Tjaša, Anže and Samo for all the help he received in preparing of his presentations. This was followed by an explanation on which insights into our process he had gained. We watched the images and listened to the interpretation that reminded us of situations in which we found ourselves in or just observed during our energy training. We found the presentation very interesting. There was a feeling of joy and that we are together in this event that gives such fascinating results. We witnessed Dejan’s eagerness to share his insights and knowledge with us, for which we felt extremely grateful. For the majority his part of the evening once again passed too quickly. Fortunately, Dušan was taking photos and filmed the presentation so that we can watch the highlights of Dejan’s presentation on the web.

We once again concluded the evening with singing songs along the melodies of Petra at the piano. This softly prepared us for relaxation that was guided by our master. Lea’s voice increased the energy levels in the room far beyond what we experience in our daily energy levels. It was marvellous.

In the end we all agreed that Spirala evenings are a great idea and we’re already looking forward to next one.