The third Spirala evening took place on Friday, 6.2.2015. The attendance was slightly lower than previously due to forecasted heavy snowfall, however the room was still full. Once again, there was a joyful feeling of being together and expectations on how the evening will flow this time.

Leja has prepared the first part of the evening with help of Egzona and Fitore. While Ana read her poem in four languages (Slovenian, English, Spanish, Russian) and Mitja showed his talent of storytelling. We were happy to listen to the story about a snail and a teddy bear, which was followed by Petra’s singing where she showcased her singing skills. Iza – a five and a half year old girl, performed the final performance of the first part. She performed “Sedmica”, a rhythmic movement act in which we were able to admire her relaxedness, a sense of rhythm and good memory.

In the second part of the evening Lea presented an upcoming course titled “Slim and Flexible.” This was followed by a draw where three visitors of the evening got a discount for DORVITA energy massage and three for PEDIVITA massage.

Joy and good mood of this evening was continued with singing along the melodies of Petra at the piano.

The evening was concluded by Lea’s live relaxation. The energy in the room was so powerful that it felt like flying amongst the clouds. We are hardly waiting for the next Spirala evening, which will be in March.