There was another E-buummm taking place on Sunday, 8 February 2015. As the attendees have already become accustomed to, this programme starts by getting together in one of the Spirala Centres. This programme started in the Ljubljana Centre.

After morning jumping exercises and guided relaxation, attendees joined a session that was a great start to a day with good position and joy for the E-buummm activities. The session was followed by a breakfast and a start of the day trip.

E-buummm is dedicated to exploration of our beautiful country, its wonderful nature, historical and cultural attractions. This time we set out for Tinjan – a hilltop for which we needed about an hour of slow-paced walking. From the top of the hill we were able to see cities of Trieste and Koper. We also visited the village of Tinjan, where we reached another viewpoint looking over the village of Osp. During descend to the Valley we found a quiet spot suitable for relaxation where we were enjoyed the sun and peace. Before continuing our trip we also did voice exercises. The path led us along the beautiful nature around Osp, where we picked bay leaves and came across the holes where wild pigeons live. At the end of the programme we parted full of beautiful impressions and good mood.