I attended The modern children course for the fourth time and I still I look forward to it every time. Despite the fact that I love my kids very much and enjoy dealing and socialising with them, I often find myself in situations where I do not know how to lead and guide them.

Before attending the course I read loads of books about raising children but I found it very difficult to practise the instructions because each child is different. It’s always pleasant, interesting and fun to learn from the examples by master Lea in group with other people who love their children as well. She teaches us how to accept our children, energetically guide with determination, clarity and inner peace, not to spoil and involve in them but to give them support when they need it and at the same time make them feel safe and independent. I was able to practise these new guidelines on daily basis immediately. I’m not so worried and involved in my children any more. I learnt the difference between what means to worry and care. I’m really glad to see that the guiding children in a way that Lea teaches us really works, because they are progressing, becoming free and happy.

I recommend The Modern children course to all parents, grandparents and those who love their children as this is the best way of learning that I’ve heard so far. I can’t wait for the next course.

Mateja (42 years old)