This year I attended the Modern Children course, which was held for the fourth time by Spirala – Centre for quality of life. As in previous years, I was happy waiting for the start of the course and then attended Monday’s sessions with high interest. As always, I gain new knowledge and experience every time I attend.

This year’s movie, which was shown and then discussed, was titled Motherhood. The name itself already suggests that this time the course was revolving more around the role of parents rather than with children, which of course always also affects the attitude towards children. I found the movie very interesting and educational. It beautifully illustrated what happens when mother will do anything for her family, taking care of kids beyond her capacity and as a result becomes over loaded. It also touched upon what happens when there is a lack of open communication between parents. Regardless of whether we are similar to characters from the movie or not, we can always recognise some of our own behaviour patterns by discussing about their behaviour. This can then help us to change if we can recognise that it’s good for our development.

I’ve learned many things through attending Lea’s courses. The world is different today than it was during my youth. Educational principles of our parents do not work anymore on today’s children and adolescents. I can see this every day when I’m in contact with my granddaughter. Therefore, I appreciate the opportunity to learn how to have a modern and successful relationship with children. Since I have always been interested in education, I have even more incentive to change my way of thinking that used to be valid in the past and which I still fall-back to sometimes. Worries, fears, concerns,… all of these are negative energy which doesn’t benefit our children. How to take care of children without worrying, how to put restrictions in place, how to give them freedom, how to assist them in development, how to give love to them without spoiling? Such and similar questions occur to me every day when I look at Iza or the behaviour of other parents and children. Because I see that this new knowledge helps me in everyday life I’m already looking forward to attending next year’s course.