The fourth Spirala evening took place on Friday, 6.3.2015. We were really looking forward to it, which was showed in every corner Spirala Centre being filled.

Usually the Spirala evenings programme consists of several parts with the first one being devoted to creativity of attendees where they show what they deal with, what they know and what makes them happy. In the next part Lea presents Spirala’s programmes and activities, followed by singing along Petra at the Piano which helps with opening of our hearts. The evening is concluded by Lea’s live relaxation.

This Friday, the programme started with Anze’s presentation where we watched a last birthday party’s video, followed by Ana’s gallery of sunrise and sunset photos, which she has taken on her trips throughout Spain and Slovenia.

Then Lea presented “Spirala’s intensive course”, which will take place in Bohinj in April. All attendees were invited to join this energy rich event.

This was followed by showing the first part of Star Wars. Lea explained the summary of the clip in advance and then kept pausing the film to offer more detailed insights into the key messages of each scene. We’ve witnessed how light and dark forces function. Events in the universe and our method of Life Technology share many similarities. On one hand, light forces, peace, confidence, new messages and on the other, dark forces, fear, hypocrisy, old messages… It was very interesting, indeed and at the next Spirala evening the sequel will be screened.