What an attendee of the Slim and Flexible course has told us?

I have felt that for quite a while that I need to do something to push myself to get new, fresh messages for weight loss and physical fitness. That’s why I decided to attend the Slim and Flexible course.

First of all I had a lot of fun at the course. Intensive weekend of healthy diet and cooking has gone by extremely fast. It was followed by a week of intense physical exercises and absorbing of new energy messages for a new, more active and healthy lifestyle. On top of that I started losing weight which gave me additional motivation to persist with the diet. I also found the one week-long group meetings very supportive and useful. They consisted of conversation, lessons, breathing exercises and active physical exercises.

The course is finishing next week and from then onwards I will need to practice the diet by myself. I feel high energy support and I’m confident that I will be able to reach my goal of losing 10 kg.

I recommend this course from the bottom of my heart to anyone who wants to change their life into a healthier, more active and satisfying lifestyle!

Petra (age 31)