E-buummm, 22.3. 2015

There was another E- buummm on Sunday, 22 March 2015 – Hike to Sabotin. The attendees gathered at Spirala Centre in Ljubljana. After the Get ready for the day programme they attended a long session. Due to bad weather they were kept for quite a while at Spirala and watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun and around 11 am departed to Solkan.

They admired the stone bridge of Solkan which was built in 1906 for the rail track Vienna – Trieste.

Next they climbed up Sabotin. There was a beautiful view of the Julian Alps, Soča river, Gorizia basin, Kras, sea, lowlands of Friuli and Western Alps. Sabotin is also interesting from a historical point of view, because that’s where the biggest battles of the First World War happened.

At the snack bar at the top of the hill they tried out its famous strudel. They also visited the museum where items from the 1st World War were exhibited. This was followed by a rest and enjoyment in nature. Coming back down the crest of the hill they visited the remains of the St. Valentine’s Church and gathered at their cars. In spite of the evening creeping in they decided to go on another hill, named Sveta Gora, which is famous for the pilgrimage route. After visiting the church they enjoyed an evening view of both Gorizia, Solkan and beautiful western part of Slovenia.

In the end everyone were in good mood they said goodbye and left back home.