The fifth Spirala evening, 3.4. 2015

There was the fifth Spirala evening on Friday, 3 April 2015. It took place at Spirala Centre in Ljubljana. As usually the hall was filled with attendees. We were all eagerly expecting what the evening will bring us this time.

It started off with a short film made by Anže. During screening we admired the routes that attendees of E-buummm have been taking and all the nature and cultural attractions, which were skilfully filmed by Dušan. We were smiling at all the little adventures, which recently there have always been plenty of them.

The second part of the evening was a dramatic act titled “From hell to paradise.” Nina, Mateja, Dejan, Leja, Tjaša and Anže were the main actors. They portrayed their lives before and after visiting Spirala. During their talk of gratitude towards the lessons in Spirala, a special energy was felt in the hall – it was a very pleasant feeling.

This was followed by a screening of the film Star Wars, which has become a common thread of Spirala’s evenings. This is because each evening it will be screened in sequences and studied thoroughly with Lea’s commentary. In these we can clearly see how light and dark forces work and thus we learn to follow the light.

In the end, we had enough time left to open our hearts by singing along Petra at the Piano.