E – buummm, 12.4. 2015

E-buummm attendees gathered on 12 April 2015 at Spirala Centre in Celje. It all started with the Get ready for the day programme and a morning session, which were followed by film screening of the second part of Under the Tuscan Sun. Weather forecast for the day was very wintery therefore the organisers decided to postpone the hike until late morning.

Around 11 am they departed towards their goal – Paski Kozjak. Including short breaks they walked approximately two and a half hours along the path that was partially covered in snow. It was very cold and windy weather, not spring-like at all. But the cold weather could not cool the warm hearts that were joyfully treading down the path. All along it felt like they were a well rehearsed and connected team.

When they returned to Vitanje, Dušan introduced a museum dedicated to Herman Potočnik.

The day dedicated to E-buummm started to slowly come to an end. When they finally returned to Spirala, they were treated to a delicious cup of tea sweetened with honey. The programme concluded with a relaxation session back at the centre. Upon leaving everyone felt full of energy and ready for the new working week ahead.