Spirala’s 19th Anniversary, 17.4.2015

Spirala celebrated its 19th Anniversary on Friday, 17 April 2015.
The celebration took place in Spirala Centre in Celje and the centre was packed to the roof. We were greeted to a warm welcome already at the entrance. Visitors from all over Slovenia were eagerly chatting and getting ready for the pleasant evening ahead.

The celebration started by Dušan’s introductory speech where he told a story of how he and Lea established Spirala – a new centre for the quality of life in Celje. Some of us have been visiting Spirala since the very beginning, while others started visiting later on. We reminisced our first steps along the path of the Life Technology method, our results and many beautiful events that we experienced together. Through Dušan’s words we could feel the power of our method and joy that we feel.

Up next was a musical and cultural programme that was performed by Petra, Iza, Astrid, Franc, Zorica and Leja. We all admired their voices, relaxedness, skills and joy for singing. While listening to the music we could feel a sensation of soft and rich energy flow among all of us.

The celebration concluded with Lea’s presentation of Spirala programmes’ highlights. Once again, we had fun while watching Dušan’s video clips that were skilfully edited by Anže.

When screening came to an end visitors started socialising all over the centre. Lea made delicious, healthy and sweet truffles which she made using her high creativity.

No one was in a hurry to go home because there was no shortage of interesting topics to discuss. We all felt like a one big happy family.