Celebrating Spirala’s 20th Anniversry

This month we celebrate 20 years since Spirala, the Centre for quality of life was established. We are organising two events to celebrate the anniversary – special “Spirala’s step towards you” programme with content related to the anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Spirala celebration.

It’s been two decades since the opening of the first Spirala’s centre in Celje. In April 1996 we started with a single energy treatment daily, have moved to better premises several times since then and also opened another centre in Ljubljana. All the time we’ve been gradually growing and expanding our range of programmes and services. Today we offer a full range of energy-rich programmes, courses, educational programmes, programmes for revitalisation and therapies. And both of our centres – in Celje and Ljubljana – are situated in modern premises.

We invite you to visit us on Sunday, April 17 at 6 pm at our centre in Celje, where Spirala will be presented to you at the event “Spirala’s step towards you. We also invite you to join us at the 20th anniversary celebration on Friday, 22 April. The celebration will also be held at our centre in Celje.

Entry to both events is free. On Friday, 22 April we will also draw a prize for each visitor.

We will be delighted to see you there.

Let us also inform you that, due to the both events being held, there will be no Group energy sessions on 17 and 22 April in both Spirala centers. Holders of monthly tickets for the Group energy session may as an exception visit the LT1 course at 7.15 am on these two dates.


The programme of both events:

Spirala’s step towards you, 17 April 2016 6.00 pm, Spirala Celje,
Opekarniška 15b

5.45pm arrival appetizer, nuts
6.00pm programme projection of Spirala’s beginnings, presentation:

6.45pm enjoying “Spirala’s delights” time for chatting and snacks
video projection about Spirala



20th anniversary celebration, 22 April 2016 6.00 pm, Spirala Celje, Opekarniška 15b

5.45pm arrival Spirala’s raw food diet snack balls
6.00pm programme piano intro
Petra Žnidarčič
development of Spirala
Dušan Zgonik
kulturni utrinek Kvartet Pella
projection and comments of Spirala’s visitors’ achievements
Nina Knific
recitation Ana Dvoraček
song “Slovenija od kod lepote tvoje” Leja Leonida Mali Ljuben Dimkaroski
recitation Metoda Postolski Košir
song “Je pa davi slanca pala” Astrid Gider, Zorica Fendre duo
hanging out
chat, fruit salad and lemonade
video projection about Spirala
the “Fenomenizem” book exhibition
listening to extracts of the “Fenomenizem” audiobook
Spirala’s CD’s exhibition
exhibition of photos of energy therapies
exhibition of photos of Spirala’s centres
prize draw