Spirala’s Activities 2017

In the upcoming year of 2017, Spirala – the Centre for quality will be carrying out the below additional programmes:

  • The LT instructor course ( 27.1. – 12.2.)

  • The Slim & Flexible Course (3.3. – 8.3. + 3x Wednesday)

  • Revitalising days at a seaside (25.5. – 28.5.)

  • One-day programmes (E-day, E-buummm, anti-stress programme)

  • Evening programmes (Spirala evening programmes, Transmission of Universal Messages, Spirala’s step towards you, parties)


  1. 1. The LT instructor course 2017

The course is intended for those who:

  • wish to pursue the path to wisdom and Phenomenalism

  • want to obtain knowledge on helping others get more healthy, happy and successful lives

  • have a need to comprehend the rules of life on a deeper level


  1. 2. The Slim & Flexible Course – course for a healthy diet and weight loss

Nowadays there is an abundance of food. Often we eat too much and unhealthy, without any order and inner peace. All of this disturbs the energy balance of digestive organs, particularly the pancreas and liver. We are also not physically active enough. This in return adds extra pounds to body weight. What can we do about it?

You will get answers to this question by attending this course.


  1. 3. The revitalisation days at a seaside (25.5. – 28.5.)

You are invited to attend the Spirala’s extremely effective revitalisation programme. Based on the interplay between several physical and energy activities: absorption of morning energy, qi gong exercises, massage, energy releasing, a half-hour private consultation with LT master Lea, hiking, swimming, preparing food for revitalization.


  1. 4. The anti-stress programme

Spirala – Centre for quality of life, invites you to attend the anti-stress programmme, which is based on receiving fresh energy.

The aims of the programme:

  • to increase vitality

  • to relax and become peacefull

  • to come up with more ideas

  • to achieve a higher quality team work

  • to reduce sick leave

Spirala has developed very efficient anti-stress programmes. You can choose between a 2-hour, 3-hour and one-day programmes.