About us

SPIRALA centre for quality of life was established in 1996. Throughout the years we have designed a wide range of programmes, which help people achieve a higher quality of life that will eventually lead to phenomenal life – the way of life in the third millennium.

We have, in general, developed educational, therapeutic and tourist programmes. Our activities comprise energy sessions (group and individual sessions), natural relaxation, energy courses (instructor courses, massage therapy courses, thematic courses), revitalisation programmes (anti-stress programme, energy exercises, energy relaxation, NOVITA, DORVITA, voice exercises, get-ready-for-the-day programme, energy CDs, E-singing, E-dancing), thematic lectures, individual counselling and energy tourism (energy holidays by the sea and in the mountains, energy days, excursions and travels, sporting and entertaining events).

All our activities are based on fresh and positive energy that comes from the universe, which is also the source of life.