Our first centre was founded on 22 April 1996 in Celje, with the purpose of helping people solve various problems that they encounter in their lives. Every beginning is hard and ours was no different, but we persisted, because we were driven by the desire to help and gain new experience.

In the beginning we organised one daily programme which lasted one hour and was intended for dealing with all sorts of problems in general and especially for healing of illnesses. In a few months our clients experienced numerous improvements. We knew that we could be of great help with medical problems, but we were nevertheless surprised to discover that our clients had also stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, given up smoking, got a stronger will to work, had become more efficient and more creative and had better relationships with their families and colleagues.

News about our clients’ results spread fast and more and more people came to visit our centre. With the increasing number of visitors we began to gradually introduce more hours of different programmes every day. New programmes were designed for groups of people with specific problems, which proved to be very successful. In addition to daily programmes we began to organise also extra programmes that take place occasionally.

In 1999 we established cooperation with the Academy of Potential Education in New Zealand, where grand instructors and life consultants were educated. Thanks to the Academy we were able to meet people from similar centres in Zagreb, Croatia, in Hamburg, Germany and in London, England.

Because we wanted to make our help available to as many people as possible, we opened a new centre in Ljubljana in September 2003.

Today five different group energy programmes, individual energy sessions and individual counselling take place daily (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) at both centres. Twice a week NOVITA takes place and once a week thematic lectures about the laws of life and the quality of life. In addition to these programmes we organise courses relating to specific areas of life once or twice a year, as well as energy holidays, energy picnics with sporting games and birthday celebrations for our clients. Several times a year we go on a day trip at the weekend. We have also started to educate individuals for LT (Life Technology) instructors and LT therapists. Both help people by transmitting energy. Instructors teach people and transmit energy through speaking and therapists pass energy that improves vitality to clients through touch and good inner state. In 2009 we developed the unique energy back therapy DORVITA.

In the future we plan to establish new centres for quality of life in other regional centres in Slovenia, because our wishes remain the same, that is to help as many people as possible to gain health, become creative, improve their relationships and get abilities which are needed for living a high quality life in the 21st century, in a time when humanity is faced with increasingly bigger challenges.