• Grand Energy Instructor
  • Life Consultant
  • Manager of SPIRALA

Dušan has got a university degree in civil engineering. He was one of the leading experts in his specific field of expertise (cleaning and disposal of wastewater) in Slovenia, until he was stopped by illness. He got hepatitis C which was said to be incurable. Because medical treatments didn’t help, he began testing alternative methods of treatment.

After a long training and attending Master Aiping Wang’s Qi Gong courses he regained his health. Delighted with his recovery, he wanted to learn how to help other people and therefore took part in numerous instructor courses. After successfully finishing those he established the Centre for Quality of Life in Celje in 1996 with his life partner.

In 1999 he enrolled at Phenomena Academy, an academy for quality of life in New Zealand. After attending the academy for three years, he became a grand energy instructor, which today makes him qualified for leading all the programmes that SPIRALA offers. However, having plenty of experience as a project leader, his main responsibility remains managing and developing our centres, but if time permits, he is happy to sit in front of the people attending SPIRALA’s programmes to share his rich experience with them and help them.


  • Grand Energy Instructor
  • Life Consultant
  • Energy Leader
  • LT Master

Lea is a mathematics professor. She was considered to be an excellent teacher, who could pass the subject matter to her students in a way that was easy for them to understand.

When today’s leader of SPIRALA Dušan became ill, she accompanied him on Master Aiping’s courses. During these courses she realised that she was extremely sensitive to natural energies and had a natural talent for them. Already after her first visit to the course she knew that this was what she would like to devote her life to. When Dušan became well again, she began to take part in numerous instructor courses with him, where she learned how to actually help people acquire health and a higher quality of life.

Together with Dušan she graduated from a three year course at Phenomena Academy in New Zealand and became a grand instructor in life consultancy. Because of her natural potential for energies and her teaching abilities Lea became the energy leader of SPIRALA. She successfully leads most of SPIRALA programmes in Celje as well as in Ljubljana.