At Spirala we have prepared a variety of educational programmes to improve the quality of life. They include programmes and courses for personal development and entry into the new way of life as well as courses in the areas of life in which we find that people have nowadays most problems. Literature and audio clips with educational content are also available.


Life Technology 1 (LT1) is an educational programme in which attendees become familiar with the basics of the theory of the Life Technology (LT) method. The programme guides the attendees in discovering energy blockages and mindset that make their lives miserable. It also teaches them how to overcome these and get themselves free of them. That’s how their souls get cleansed and the inherited problems resolved. Gradually they’re able to start discovering a new kind of lifestyle. :: read more >


Life Technology 2 (LT2) is an educational programme in which attendees upgrade their theoretical knowledge of the Life Technology (LT) method. With this programme they learn to follow the universal truth rather than follow their own truth. They learn to channel and translate universal messages and gain higher awareness and they quickly identify the causes which lead them to unpleasant emotions and problems. They also learn how to overcome and eliminate these causes. By regularly attending this programme the attendees can even change their destiny and problems arising from their previous lives. :: read more >


The Transmission of Universal Messages is an exclusive programme that takes place in Spirala once a month. LT master Lea translates and channels the universal messages that are very important for the majority of participants in that particular moment. The participants should put these very messages into practice in their everyday lives helping them to make progress towards a new way of life – phenomenalism. :: read more >


UM live recordings are live recordings of the Transmission of Universal Messages (UM), as channeled and translated by LT master Lea. Each recording talks about a different message on a particular topic. By repeatedly listening to the tracks, listeners receive the messages that reveal the path to true soul freedom. :: read more >


The LT (Life Technology) instructor course is a training programme that qualifies the attendees to start helping other people. LT instructors perceive life messages of the others and channel the universal messages to remove old messages, which cause their problems. :: read more >

The LT therapist course

The LT (Life Technology) therapist course is a training programme that qualifies the attendees to perform a range of energy massages in a way that they don’t get tired. LT therapists help people to eliminate all kinds of physical and psychological problems. :: read more >

The New Age Children Course

The New Age Children course is an educational programme that teaches attendees how to raise their life energy levels and in this way lead their children into a happy and successful life.

We live in a time when children with very high abilities are born. They are special souls and are difficult to manage, because they are generally stronger energy wise than their parents. They oppose the principles of the way of life we are living now, because they are already ready for a higher level of life. Therefore the attitude of modern youth often clashes with current values. Young people usually rebel by self-destructive actions, such as drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking cigarettes and the like. That is why it is vital that the parents learn to pass good energy to their children. It is important that they become an energy pillar for their children and support them, instead of being a strict, cruel teacher or a helpless person who only spoils their child. :: read more >

The Advanced Relationships Course

The Advanced Relationships course is an educational programme that familiarises attendees with the trends of modern and advanced relationships.

We live in a time when we all experience some sort of frictions between life partners. The reason this happens is that the old way – marriage – is not suitable for modern trends of living, which are lowering one’s ego, acceptance, softness, energy independence and creativity. All these are the steps that lead to the much desired love. We need to do away with possessiveness, involvement, focusing, jealousy, energy dependence and the like. :: read more >

The Slim&Flexible Course

The Slim&Flexible course introduces attendees to healthy eating and preparation of healthy and low calorie meals. Losing weight in this course is based on receiving messages for weight loss and healthy diet.

The Slim & Flexible Course begins with learning how to prepare healthy and low calorie food, while the second part is dedicated to learning concrete steps towards losing weight. :: read more >

The Fenomenizem book

A book of lectures by the LT Master Lea Zgonik entitled Fenomenizem (meaning Phenomenism in English) was published in 2009. Audio recordings of Lea’s lectures have been edited by dr. Anton Mikac and transformed into a book, which captured for the very first time the complete theory of the Life Technology method. These lectures contain knowledge of the LT Master Lea about the method. The book is unique by topic and energy. :: read more >

The Fenomenizem audiobook

The Fenomenizem audiobook is an audio transcription of the Fenomenizem book. Since the book was well and positively received by readers and even helped to improving their lives, an idea developed in Spirala that it would be useful to also offer this book in a format that is more suitable for those who are too busy to find enough time for reading as well as for those who don’t like reading books. Therefore, we decided to create a CD audiobook, so you can follow the content of the book while driving, carrying out errands or while working as an alternative to listening to the radio. All content is read out by the LT master Lea. Through her speech she not only transmits universal energy as felt by readers of the book but also making it more effective. :: read more >