The Fenomenizem audiobook

The Fenomenizem audiobook is an audio transcription of the Fenomenizem book. Since the book was well and positively received by readers and even helped to improving their lives, an idea developed in Spirala that it would be useful to also offer this book in a format that is more suitable for those who are too busy to find enough time for reading as well as for those who don’t like reading books. Therefore, we decided to create a CD audiobook, so you can follow the content of the book while driving, carrying out errands or while working as an alternative to listening to the radio. All content is read out by the LT master Lea. Through her speech she not only transmits universal energy as felt by readers of the book but also making it more effective.

The Fenomenizem audiobook can be downloaded from our online store, or purchased as sets of CDs, which can be ordered by e-mail, or by calling +386(0)41 630 888. Purchase of CDs is also possible in our centers in Celje, Opekarniška 15b and Ljubljana, Letališka 29c .