The Fenomenizem book

A book of lectures by the LT Master Lea Zgonik entitled Fenomenizem (meaning Phenomenism in English) was published in 2009. Audio recordings of Lea’s lectures have been edited by dr. Anton Mikac and transformed into a book, which captured for the very first time the complete theory of the Life Technology method. These lectures contain knowledge of the LT Master Lea about the method. The book is unique by topic and energy.

The book familiarises readers with a new method for improving the quality of life, solving problems in life and spiritual development.

In addition to explaining invaluable lessons and the truth of life it also stimulates sensations of powerful and bright universal energy during reading.

The followig topics are covered in the book:

  1. 1. The introduction to the theory of the Life Technology (LT) method
  • What is a human being
  • The difference between a live human and a corpse
  • What is a body and what is energy
  • What are messages
  • What is information
  • The power of messages
  • Usability of messages
  • Universal and material messages
  • Fresh and old messages
  • How messages infuse a human being
  • What is soul
  • Soul messages by source
  • The formation of energy that makes a human being active
  • Fresh and old life messages
  • Digestive system of soul and ego
  • Spirit
  • What messages are made of
  • What are elements
  • Characteristics of elements
  • Connection between five elements and a human
  1. 2. About life
  • The formation of life
  • What is life
  • The end of life
  • The purpose of life
  • The quality of life
  • The proper behavior at death
  • The division of soul after death
  • The worlds, where soul goes after death
  • Source of the souls that settle within human bodies
  • Transition from one world to the other
  1. 3. Tools to enter paradise
  • What is a life position
  • Influence of life positions on behavior
  • Definition of some positions
  • Identification of good and bad positions
  • When do we need to turn to faith
  • What is faith
  • How does faith function
  • The levels of faith
  • When faith is no longer needed
  • Awareness
  • Recognition
  • Consciousness
  • The truth of civilisation and society
  • The truth of the individual
  • The universal truth
  • What’s morality
  • Morality of civilisation
  • Morality of society
  • Morality of the individual
  • The highest morality
  • Changes of morality
  • Steps to morality fulfilment
  • Wisdom and cleverness
  • Tools to enter paradise from messages’ point of view
  1. 4. The Life Technology method
  • What is technology
  • Historical overview of technologies
  • What is Life Technology
  • The formation of Life Technology
  • How does Life Technology method function
  • Stepping into Life Technology
  • What does Life Technology produce
  1. 5. The Phenomenalism – upcoming lifestyle
  • Formation and development of human
  • The lifestyle in the past
  • The present lifestyle
  • Phenomenalism – the lifestyle of the future
  • The results of a new lifestyle
  • Appearance of the Phenomenalism
  1. 6. About health
  • What’s sickness
  • Methods of healing
  • Becoming healthy
  • Losing health
  • Influence of Life Technology on Health
  • Health in Phenomenalism
  1. 7. About emotions
  • The emotional response
  • Influence of Life Technology on Emotions
  • Emotions in Phenomenalism
  1. 8. Relationships between people
  • What are relationships
  • The purpose of contact with others
  • Types of interpersonal relationships according to contact
  • Focusing
  • Involving
  • The energy point of view of focusing and involving
  • Respect and expect
  • The energy point of view of respect and expect
  • Infatuation and Love
  • The energy point of view of love
  • The levels and types of love
  • Possessiveness
  • How to recognise possessiveness
  • The difference between possessiveness and expectation
  • Where does possessiveness originate from
  • The energy point of view of possessiveness
  • How to eliminate possessiveness
  • Jealousy
  • How do jealous persons behave
  • Where does jealousy originate from
  • How to eliminate jealousy
  • The energy point of view of jealousy
  • Holding onto and letting go of ego
  • Ego from the message and soul point of view
  • Ego from the life point of view
  • Behaving with ego and connection
  • Ego and the human evolution
  • How to let go of ego
  1. 9. Partnerships
  • The formation of partnerships
  • Causes of partnerships
  • The selection of a partner
  • Guidelines for selecting a life partner
  • The purpose of partnerships
  • The crisis in partnerships
  • Elimination of crisis
  1. 10. About Sexuality
  • Different views on sexuality
  • The purpose of sex, orgasm
  • The level of sex
  • Energy training and Sex
  • Sex problems and solutions
  1. 11. Family
  • The purpose of a family
  • The relationships between parents and children
  • Prenatal purpose of the parenthood
  • Happy family
  • Family problems
  1. 12. Career
  • Money
  • Abilities
  • Lack of money
  • Workplace

The Fenomenisem book is a very nice gift for those who love novelties and are interested in mysteries of life.

The Phenomenalism book can be purchased in person in one of Spirala’s centres or by mail-order. For mail-orders please call +386(0)41 630 888 or contact  us by e-mail.