Energy courses

SPIRALA organises various courses, such as Massage Therapy Courses, Instructor Courses and Thematic Courses.

Massage Therapy Courses

Massage Therapy Courses consist of energy relaxation, practising the therapy of the meridians and energy points, lectures on meridians and life energy, all this followed by an exam. :: read more >

Instructor Courses

Instructor Courses include energy sessions, energy relaxation, energy exercises, lectures, practice, presenting and practical tests, as well as physical and social activities. :: read more >

Thematic Courses

Thematic Courses provide guidelines on how to solve specific problems, such as insomnia, nervousness, headaches, lack of concentration, smoking, problems with metabolism or in relationships etc. and teach you how to enter a state in which you are able to receive fresh life energy, which is necessary for overcoming your problems. :: read more >

Modern Children

This course is intended for parents and aims at teaching parents how to raise the level of their energy and in this way lead their children into a happy and successful life. :: read more >

Modern Relationships

We live in a time when we all experience some sort of frictions between life partners. The reason this happens is that the old way – marriage – is not suitable for modern trends of living, which are lowering one’s ego, acceptance, softness, energy independence and creativity. All these are the steps that lead to the much desired love. We need to do away with possessiveness, involvement, focusing, jealousy, energy dependence and the like. :: read more >