Modern children

This course is intended for parents and aims at teaching parents how to raise the level of their energy and in this way lead their children into a happy and successful life.

We live in a time when children with very high abilities are born. They are special souls and are difficult to manage, because they are generally stronger energy wise than their parents. They oppose the principles of the way of life we are living now, because they are already ready for a higher level of life. Therefore the attitude of modern youth often clashes with current values. Young people usually rebel by self-destructive actions, such as drinking alcohol, using drugs, smoking cigarettes and the like. That is why it is vital that the parents learn to pass good energy to their children. It is important that they become an energy pillar for their children and support them, instead of being a strict, cruel teacher or a helpless person who only spoils their child. The course is conducted in the form of lectures, conversations and workshops.

The course is led by Lea Zgonik, professor of mathematics, who is also an LT master, an energy instructor and a life consultant.