Modern relationships

A course for an amazing relationship with your life partner.

We live in a time when we all experience some sort of frictions between life partners. The reason this happens is that the old way – marriage – is not suitable for modern trends of living, which are lowering one’s ego, acceptance, softness, energy independence and creativity. All these are the steps that lead to the much desired love. We need to do away with possessiveness, involvement, focusing, jealousy, energy dependence and the like.

The purpose of this course is that the participants learn to revive their energy and become aware of the mindsets which trouble them in their partnership and in life in general. In the course, lectures on modern partnership and on currently most frequent behaviour patterns in partnership intertwine with the actual questions and problems of the course participants. The participants also learn about energy relaxation. The course in modern partnership is designed to revive the flow of energy between the partners and that the partners learn how to lower their ego and discover love. Both partners can take part in the course or just one of them.

The course includes conversations, lectures, practising, role playing and natural relaxation.

The course on modern partnership is led by professor of mathematics Lea Zgonik, who is also an LT master, an energy instructor and a life consultant. Some of the counselling is done by Aleksandra Vekić, who is an experienced BaZi consultant.