Thematic courses

These courses are held occasionally. They provide guidelines on how to solve specific problems, such as insomnia, nervousness, headaches, lack of concentration, smoking, problems with metabolism or in relationships etc. and teach you how to enter a state in which you are able to receive fresh life energy, which is necessary for overcoming your problems.

After finishing the course you can practice by yourself using a thematic energy CD or join Morning or Main Session. Experience shows that the results which the course participants achieve tend to last if they regularly practice receiving of fresh energy. These courses are appropriate for all people, young and old. They are conducted in the form of lectures, conversation, exercises and relaxation. During all these activities the participants receive fresh life energy that is transmitted by the leader of the programme.

Courses are led by Lea Zgonik, who is LT master, a professor of mathematics and the energy leader of SPIRALA.


By taking part in this course you will achieve better concentration, improve your learning and work performance, get better results at school and learn to relax by means of natural relaxation. The course is intended for everyone who is experiencing apathy, fatigue and memory problems and especially for students of all levels and teachers.


During this course you will learn how to get into a state in which headache or migraine disappears. You will be taught how to massage acupuncture points, which will cause your headache to go away. The course helps you to discover the causes for your headaches and teaches you how to achieve the state in which pain disappears. Until now everyone who has taken part in this course managed to do away with headache and no longer take painkillers. That is why we warmly recommend this course to everyone who is experiencing headaches or migraines.


In this course you will learn how to prepare for good sleep, you will get advice on how to put a stop to sleepless nights and learn to perform voice exercises and energy relaxation. Anyone who follows instructions thoroughly and practices according to them is bound to achieve sweet sleep. We recommend this course to everyone who has difficulty falling asleep, wakes up at night or does not sleep at all, as well as to those who experience nightmares.