Energy sessions

You can choose between group and individual sessions. SPIRALA offers three group programmes that take place every day. The three programmes are the following: Programme for Higher Awareness, Morning Energy Session and Main Energy Session. They are led by an energy instructor or a life consultant.

These sessions normally consist of two parts, conversation and relaxation. In the first part a relaxing atmosphere is established in which clients can share their problems or thoughts with the others or ask questions and the instructor helps them and teaches them by transmitting fresh life energy that is transmitted through speaking. In the second part the participants learn with the help of energy relaxation how to get into a state without thoughts. This state is very important because it allows the participants to gradually learn to absorb large amounts of fresh energy every day. This is the first prerequisite for overcoming their problems.

Another thing that is essential for successfully dealing with problems is to understand reactions. These occur when a lot of fresh life energy accumulates within a person and drives out the old life energy. In this process one can experience physical pain or unpleasant emotional states. It is vital that one rejoices at the reaction. The third important factor is regular practice. In the beginning we recommend visiting group sessions daily and later a combination of practice at home and in group sessions until the problem is solved.

How long a person should take part in group sessions depends on what one hopes to achieve with these sessions and how fast a learner one is. Energy sessions are suitable for all age groups from newborn babies to the elderly and for people of all educational backgrounds, from unqualified workers to Doctors of Science. If you would like to find out what can be achieved with the sessions, you’re welcome to read testimonials of people who have taken part in SPIRALA’s activities.


The purpose of both programmes is that you gradually remove your genetic energy blockages. You have to free yourself from the mindsets that cause you health problems and problems in relationships. :: read more >


This programme is intended for those who want to learn about high morality and find out more about life energy, energy processes, universal truths and laws, new life positions, etc… :: read more >


The purpose of this type of session is to gain knowledge for solving your problems and to learn about natural relaxation. It lasts one hour and is led by an energy instructor or a life consultant. :: read more >