Morning and main energy sessions

The purpose of both programmes is that you gradually remove your genetic energy blockages. You have to free yourself from the mindsets that cause you health problems and problems in relationships.

With these two programmes you can help yourself with all illnesses. They also provide great prevention for your health and act as a means of efficient rehabilitation when recovering from an illness or an operation. You will also achieve excellent concentration, improve learning and work productivity, you will stop smoking and get rid of other addictions, achieve emotional stability and a better quality of sleep, overcome insomnia or infertility, acquire inner peace, higher energy potential and a higher capacity of life energy.

You will learn how to better your relationships with other people, how to achieve life without conflicts, put your sex life in order, truly help your children, energy-wise revive dying relationships between life partners, become a good team leader and be able to work in a team.

Morning Session takes place from 07.15 till 08.15 ::
Main Session takes place from 17.00 till 18.30 :: timetable >