Spirala evening programme

Spirala centre occasionally organises a Spirala evening programme. This is a two-hour event, which is very colourful, topic and energy rich. It consists of several parts. The first part is dedicated to individual members of Spirala where they share their talents, interesting and positive experiences with the rest of the group. This is followed by singing along to the piano, watching and commenting films and glimpses of Spirala’s other programmes. The evening concludes with an energy relaxation led by LT master Lea. :: read more >

Spirala holidays

Spirala’s holidays are intended for practicing a new way of life where attendees are able to face any kind of situation and maintain positive and cheerful attitude. They also learn how to respond spontaneously. All of this is intertwined with beauty and attractions offered by the material world that we are discovering during these energy holidays. Throughout the day there is a mix of energy and postnatal activities led by LT master Lea and her shiny and bright energy field, in which the attendees are moving in. :: read more >

Spirala’s step towards you

Spirala’s step towards you is a programme that occasionally takes place in Spirala centres, which invites people to learn about Spirala and what it has to offer. The programme includes introduction to other programmes that take place in Spirala, testimonials of Spirala’s attendees and their achievements in their lives, a promotional tasters of selected programmes, cultural highlights and healthy nibbles. :: read more >


Parties take place at Spirala centres several times a year. Only attendees of Spirala programmes and their family members and friends can be present. They are intended for socialising and getting to know each other better. The parties also help participants to open up and become more natural and relaxed. :: read more >