Anti-stress programme

SPIRALA has developed an anti-stress programme that is not primarily based on physical relaxation, but on true revitalisation. This means that with this programme you fundamentally renew your vitality.

Anti-stress programme is made up of lectures on stress and stress prevention, together with a wide range of energy services: the rejuvenation-revitalisation programme NOVITA, energy back treatment DORVITA, energy relaxation, voice exercises and energy exercises/dance. The purpose of this programme is to raise the level of one’s life energy and gain knowledge about how to protect oneself from stress. This programme is recommendable especially for directors, managers, entrepreneurs, teachers and people in other professions that carry with them a lot of pressure and responsibility. A snack and a light lunch are included.

The programme is carried out a few times a year at SPIRALA centre at Opekarniška 15b in Celje. For organized groups of people we can adjust the content of the programme and organise it at a time convenient to you.

Gift vouchers

The Anti-stress Programme makes a fantastic present and in these stress-filled times there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it. :: darilni bon anti-stress gift voucher >



This programme is led by Lea Zgonik (Professor of Mathematics) and Dušan Zgonik (Bachelor of Civil Engineering), who are both life consultants and energy instructors.