With the new workout BitiFit we managed to solve the dilemma: whether to go on training, which is good for the body but after you may feel tired; or to relax, which brings you inner peace and strength?

BitiFit offers 40 minutes of active exercise, where you gain stamina and strength followed by 20 minutes of energy relaxation, which fills you with fresh energy and strength. The results are incredible! Your body feels really stretched and with each week more powerful, while not feeling tired because you get completely revitalised by energy relaxation.

BitiFit is suitable for all ages as there are both easier and more demanding variations of exercises. Both women and men are welcome every Wednesday at 7 PM at SPIRALA centres in Ljubljana and Celje.

Recommended exercise gear: clean running shoes (indoor sneakers), sportswear (leggings, shorts, T-shirt), a cushion for gymnastics, a bottle of water, a towel, a warm sweater for relaxation and a lot of goodwill! We gladly accept even those who are not in the best mood – we assure you that you will go home smiling 🙂

So, do you have any reason not to join us?

Video presentation