We have developed many very effective ways for revitalisation at Spirala. Spirala’s revitalisation programmes restore one’s life energy, which reflects through high spirit, high working productivity, slowdown of aging process and overall well-being.

NOVITA – a pleasure for body and soul

Novita is an extremely effective revitalising programme, which Spirala has been developing since 2005. In this programme you can regenerate your vitality and achieve a state of deep relaxation and inner peace and thus helping you to reduce your stress levels and improve your productivity at work. :: read more >

MANIVITA – razkošno uživanje

Manivita is a revitalisation programme that regenerates your heart and lungs and relaxes all your major organs through enjoyment. It is a very quick and effective way to eliminate stress. The first part of the programme is energy therapy of meridians in arms and energy points on hands. In the second part you just let go and flow with energy and enjoy the relaxation. :: read more >

Get ready for the day programme

Get ready for the day programme is a revitalisation programme for improving your morning mood. In this programme you are regenerated by absorbing the morning energy and releasing old, stagnated energy from your organs and body. This enables you to spend your day feeling good and being creative and better sleeping at night. :: read more >

Energy relaxation

Energy relaxation is a revitalisation programme that is suitable for everyone. It can also be carried out by yourself wherever you are by listening to one of our relaxation CDs. :: read more >

CDs for energy relaxation

CDs for energy relaxation are an easy tool for relaxing into a state without any thoughts.

Listening to them helps you to increase your levels of concentration, improve sleeping and your mood, eliminate tiredness, anxiety and depression. :: read more >

Energy moving exercises

Energy moving exercises are practiced outside in the open. They are made up of a several physically very simple and undemanding Qi Gong exercises.

They were designed for training one’s body, spirit, mind and soul. With these exercises meridians soften up and regenerate, while the stiffness in joints and back is eliminated. If you perform these exercises correctly and consistently, your old life energy is released and is replenished with fresh life energy. Therefore, these exercises are a unique tool to eliminate depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia. :: read more >

Voice exercises

Voice exercises can be performed either outdoors or indoors at Spirala centres subject to weather conditions. The exercises were developed by a Qi Gong master for his emperor so that the emperor could enjoy a long and healthy life.

When performing these exercises energy in five major body organs – heart, stomach, liver, lungs and kidneys – starts vibrating. In this way their functions are stimulated and the flow of life energy increases. :: read more >


E-buummm programme is a full-day energy event starting early morning and finishing late afternoon. There are multiple activities throughout the day such as Qi Gong exercises, energy relaxation, energy sessions, hiking, watching and discussing films. During hiking we get an opportunity to admire the beauty of nature and other attractions while also taking time to rest, energy relaxation, energy massage, vocal breathing exercises and lunch. The entire day is infused with positivity and opening of hearts between the attendees which leaves them with lasting impressions. In the end we are all full of rich experiences both prenatal (spiritual) and postnatal (material) while also leaving full of energy ready to meet any new challenges ahead. :: read more >


With the new workout BitiFit we managed to solve the dilemma: whether to go on training, which is good for the body but after you may feel tired; or to relax, which brings you inner peace and strength?

BitiFit offers 40 minutes of active exercise, where you gain stamina and strength followed by 20 minutes of energy relaxation, which fills you with fresh energy and strength. The results are incredible! Your body feels really stretched and with each week more powerful, while not feeling tired because you get completely revitalised by energy relaxation. :: read more >


Revitalisation days are a several-days long revitalisation programmes that take place in quiet places. They are based on a mix of various physical and energy activities such as: absorption of morning energy, qi gong exercises, massage in pairs, energy relaxation, cycling, walking, swimming, pleasant socialising,… :: read more >

Customised revitalisation packages

For smaller groups of people we can create a customised revitalisation package if desired.

You can choose your own dates and activities that would are suitable for the entire group. You can choose between energy relaxation, voice exercises, energy exercises, BitiFit, Novita, Manivita, Dorvita, Pedivita and more. Any healthy and tasty snacks can be prepared upon request. :: read more >