Anti-stress programme

Spirala’s extremely effective anti-stress programme is based on receiving fresh life energy. The programme aims to increase vitality, make you feel relaxed and peaceful, come up with more ideas, achieve a higher quality of team work and reduce sick leave.

The programme is led by Lea Zgonik (LT master, life consultant, prof. mathematics).


2-hour Anti-stress Programme

2-hour anti-stress programme consists of one and a half hour lecture covering topics about stress, while the remaining half an hour is split between qi gong voice exercises and energy relaxation.

The lecture includes the following topics:

  • What is stress
  • The causes of stress
  • Our reactions to stress
  • The consequences of stress
  • Stress and life energy of an individual
  • Elimination of stress consequences
  • Protection from stress
  • Instructions for achieving inner peace
  • Spirala’s anti-stress activities

The date, location and start of the programme is available upon request. It can either be carried in Spirala’s centres or any other space where a use of a projector is available.


3-hour Anti-stress Programme

3-hour of anti-stress programme includes:

    • snack
    • 1-hour lecture covering the topic of protection against stress
    • qi gong voice exercises
    • energy relaxation
    • a half hour back therapy (DORVITA)
    • a half hour hand and palm therapy (MANIVITA)

The size of the group is limited to a maximum of 16 participiants.

The programme is scheduled to take place several times a year. For groups additional dates are available upon request. The programme is carried out in Spirala Centres in Ljubljana, Letališka 29c or Celje, Opekarniška 15b.


One-day anti-stress programme

One-day anti-stress programme begins with the group gathering and snack between 8:45 and 9:00 and concludes at 14:30.

Starting off, participants listen to the first part of the lecture about stress. Attendees are split into two groups. The first group receives a hand and palm massage (MANIVITA), while the other experiences a back massage (DORVITA) and foot massage (PEDIVITA). Next, follows the second part of the lecture. During the break there is time for another snack, which is all prepared by Spirala. The day continues with another round of massage therapies (MANIVITA, DORVITA, PEDIVITA). Following a short break the participants practice qi gong voice exercises and relaxation. The programme is concluded by practical tips on how to protect yourself from stress.

The size of the group is limited to a maximum 8 participants.

The programme dates and the start times are available upon request but please note it always takes place in either the SPIRALA centre in Ljubljana, Letališka 29c or Celje, Opekarniška 15b.





      • 3-hour anti-stress programme: Saturday, 15 April 2017

*Last update 2 December 2016

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