Novita – a pleasure for body and soul

Novita - more than a massage

Novita is an extremely effective revitalising programme, which Spirala has been developing since 2005. In this programme you can regenerate your vitality and achieve a state of deep relaxation and inner peace and thus helping you to reduce your stress levels and improve your productivity at work.

Novita is suitable for everyone, especially businessmen, managers, athletes and everyone who are put under stress in their lives. It might particularly appeal to those who like trying new things.

Novita takes place in an extremely bright energy field and is led by an LT instructor who guides you into a deep state of relaxation. At the same time your personal LT therapist helps you to open your energy channels – meridians and relax internal organs. It makes your life energy flow properly and smoothly through your body and organs.

You can attend Novita as needed or as part of a 6-month or annual tickets that are not transferable. It is also possible to choose a transferable NOVITA4 ticket that is valid for 4 visits.

Novita can also act as a social gathering with your friends and business partners or a shared enjoyment with your life partner or your whole family.

Novita session runs for an hour and a half.


For those who wish to give a gift of unforgettable enjoyment in relaxing energy to their loved ones or business partners, we offer Novita gift vouchers. :: Novita gift voucher >


We recommend wearing comfortable clothing when participating in NOVITA. Bookings can be made at the reception in one of our centres, by phone +386(0)41 630 888 or by e-mail


  • Ljubljana, Letališka 29c, Thursdays at 19:00
  • or at the tremin of your wish by prior appoinment