At Spirala we offer therapies that are intended to address both physical as well as psychological and health problems and problems in personal relationships.

Group energy sessions

Group energy sessions are a therapy for getting help and relief and elimination of mental and physical problems. It’s a very fast way to solve insomnia problems, improve concentration and is also very effective for rehabilitation. It also helps in overcoming addiction to food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. With help of the sessions, the participants achieve emotional stability, they learn energy relaxation and voice exercises. :: read more >

Private energy sessions

Private energy sessions are a therapy for resolving personal problems, especially relationships between partners, parents and children and colleagues and bosses. It is also effective in relieving physical and mental problems. :: read more >

Thematic CDs

Thematic CDs are energy CDs that are a simple, natural and effective tool for solving a variety of problems. They are intended for attendees of Spirala as well as others who do not attend Spirala’s programmess. :: read more >

Dorvita – energy back treatment

Dorvita is a highly efficient method for resolving any kind of back and neck problems. With this therapy pain, tension and tightness in the back disappear. It is especially recommendable to people who spend long hours sitting at the computer. :: read more >

Pedivita – energy reflexotherapy of feet

Pedivita is energy reflexotherapy, which restores optimal balance to the body by pressing and massaging reflex points, located on feet as well as energy meridians, located on legs below knees. During the therapy blockages that make us feel sick, unhappy and miserable are also eliminated. :: read more >