Pedivita – energy reflexotherapy of feet



Pedivita is energy reflexotherapy, which restores optimal balance to the body by pressing and massaging reflex points, located on feet as well as energy meridians, located on legs below knees. During the therapy blockages that make us feel sick, unhappy and miserable are also eliminated.

The relaxing reflexotherapy gives you energetic vitality, strengthens your immune system, and eliminates your health problems.

Pedivitais not common reflexotherapy  because it is available only in SPIRALA centres, where a special energy field exists, and is only carried out by persons who are reflexotherapists, LT (Life Technology)  therapists and LT instructors. If the reflexotherapy indicates that some of your organs are too sensitive, they will also able to advise you what actions to take in addition to the reflexotherapy. Even if you have a disease that has already been diagnosed, you may together find the causes of your disease. Only if root causes of the disease get eliminated, you can find your way to health.

Health is our greatest wealth, but unfortunately we usually start to appreciate it only after we lose it. So do something for yourself today.



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