Manivita is good for your heart

I feel that I am a good example of strong heart reactions, which means that my heart is being regenerated and becoming stronger through the process of energy cleaning. During this time of such major cardiac reactions I helped myself by receiving MANIVITA (energy hand massage) which has had an extremely positive effect on my […]

LT therapist course 2015

SPIRALA is once again organizing an LT (Life Technology) therapist course. It is intended for those who wish to become energy therapists and help other people to get a healthier and more satisfying life. During the course you’ll be able learn how to treat meridians and energy points in a way that it will not […]

Spirala’s 19th Anniversary, 17.4.2015

Spirala celebrated its 19th Anniversary on Friday, 17 April 2015. The celebration took place in Spirala Centre in Celje and the centre was packed to the roof. We were greeted to a warm welcome already at the entrance. Visitors from all over Slovenia were eagerly chatting and getting ready for the pleasant evening ahead. The […]

E – buummm, 12.4. 2015

E-buummm attendees gathered on 12 April 2015 at Spirala Centre in Celje. It all started with the Get ready for the day programme and a morning session, which were followed by film screening of the second part of Under the Tuscan Sun. Weather forecast for the day was very wintery therefore the organisers decided to […]