I’ve received so much in this process. My life has a whole new meaning now, because I can help people solve their problems or get rid of the burden they’ve been carrying around for years. More and more people come to me with their problems and when I help them see those problems from a different angle, they realize that the problem that has caused them so much suffering is not at all as hopeless as it seemed. When they discover that it is their mentality that is preventing them from being happy and content, they become more relaxed and soon this same problem stops occurring. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in a science fiction film, because every problem can be solved in a most unlikely and simple way. 


At Spirala we all learn about developing special abilities. The Energy is teaching me as well. Whenever I ask the Energy to help the people around me, I can see the energy field around these people completely change. I can see a huge change also with my grandmother who has become happier and more cheerful and whose heart has become stronger. Whenever I manage to really let go of me I can see, that the Energy communicates with us all the time. I was warned in time about the danger of a traffic accident, which I barely escaped, another time I was warned while I was relaxing that my coolant reservoir was almost empty. It has also showed me, what certain exams will look like at the university. I believe that big things happen at Spirala, I have gained insight that there are divine creatures living in its energy field.


A while ago I asked the Energy to help my acquaintance’s relative, who had become gravely ill. I didn’t know the lady but I felt that she needed help. And so I asked the Energy one night to decide and help her in a way that would be best for the lady. Two days later she had a check-up and was told that the symptoms of the disease had disappeared.
I have devoted much time to practicing and learning how to support my son and how to lead him to true values, happiness, independence, wisdom and joy for life. He’s now eight and I have recently discovered that he has special abilities, namely insight into the invisible world and X-ray eyes. He’s also wiser than many adults, although he’s still only a child who has a lot to learn. However with the knowledge I’ve gained at Spirala I will help him make his true, inner soul shine.  

VESNA (37)

Since I started coming to Spirala I have learned how to help other people through Energy and my relationships have improved. I’ve got so much stronger that it has started to positively affect also other people. My presence calms them down and many times they get unexpected results. My parents’ health has also improved a lot. My father suffered from hepatitis C. The doctors had given up on him, but with the help of this Energy, trust and my father’s strong will he got better and the doctors are at a loss. He’s also a haemophiliac and once he got injured while working. He had a concussion and cuts that bled heavily. After I’d talked to him on the phone (we live 150 km apart) the bleeding stopped immediately, only his head still hurt a lot. When I visited him I put my hands on his head and after 5 minutes I felt that the pain was gone. I was also able to help my mother who got breast cancer, but is now healthy and is actively helping others overcome the same disease. I have also become LT therapist and I’m always happy to hear how good and relaxing my massage felt.  

MOJCA (26)

Since I started coming to Spirala’s sessions my awareness and perception of the world around me have increased. I understand life better now, I have become much calmer, more positive and at the same time I believe that life always brings me only what is best for me. I look for the good in everything, I look forward to each new day and live for the moment.

ANŽE (22)

With the Energy practice at SPIRALA I’ve got the ability to occasionally get messages of what we are going to talk about at sessions at SPIRALA or what’s going to happen there.