MOJCA (23)

Thanks to SPIRALA I’ve given up drinking coffee which was before an indispensable stimulant for my feeling better.

JOSIP (73)

After three months of coming here I gave up smoking without a problem, even though I had smoked since I was 15.

VERA (67)

I came to SPIRALA because I was physically and mentally shattered. I tried to ease these awful states with pills, cigarettes and coffee. I was able to give up all three easily already in the first month of visiting SPIRALA. With regular practice my life is becoming happier day the day and I’m getting inner peace and freedom.

MOJCA (26)

Besides other results, I’ve also given up smoking at SPIRALA.  

TINKA (58)

When I first came to SPIRALA I was mentally shattered. I also had health problems. My health has been improving gradually. The most important thing for me is good sleep. Before I started attending SPIRALA I couldn’t sleep without tablets. I had also tried to stop smoking several times but without success. But after a year or so of visiting SPIRALA I gave up smoking easily and I’ve had no desire for cigarettes since. I’ve also learnt how to communicate calmly in the family. Our conversations are now more tolerant and really pleasant.


I’ve been coming to Spirala for almost 2 years. When I first came here I smoked a lot, I didn’t sleep well, I had rheumatism and I was nervous. A lot has improved since then. I haven’t smoked for 15 months, my sleep is fairly good and my rheumatism is almost gone. Relationships at home and at work have improved. I now have a clearer life goal.

NENAD (26)

It will soon be one year since I first came to SPIRALA. Attending energy sessions has helped me give up alcohol and grass.


I came to SPIRALA to accompany my husband Sandi. Energy sessions have helped me stop smoking, although I didn’t really think smoking was so awful despite the fact that I knew it was bad for me.  


I smoked for 25 years, one or two packs a day. When I started attending energy sessions something extraordinary happened. I couldn’t smoke anymore. Whenever I tried, I got dizzy and was on the verge of throwing up. I didn’t have withdrawal symptoms, when I stopped smoking, but the memory of smoking remained. At such times I only relaxed and the craving for smoking disappeared. I was amazed that I managed to overcome my addiction so quickly and so easily.


I smoked for eight years one pack a day. At that time I didn’t think it was wrong, because everyone around me smoked. I’d tried to give up smoking several times, but my ego wouldn’t let me. It was really funny. But when I started with the energy practice, I automatically stopped smoking in one week. I haven’t smoked since. Sometimes I strongly craved for it, but then I felt that it wasn’t healthy and I stopped craving. Once you have the energy knowledge that smoking is bad, it’s easy to give it up. You don’t have to struggle.

MIRKO (28)

During the time I’ve been coming to SPIRALA I have given up smoking, rheumatic problems in my hips have disappeared and I no longer have problems with hay fever.