The massage felt good and there were no reactions, not after the first or after the last one.


A good relaxation and a nice massage.


I felt really good during the massage. I had a minor reaction, a headache, but it was better after the first massage. This is a very good therapy.


I decided for three consecutive energy back therapies (Dorvita) mostly because I felt that I’d got stuck in a moment and I couldn’t get out of it. Besides that my body was uptight because of consistent forced posture at the computer and because of stress caused mainly by fast paced life, getting involved in people and situations and searching for inner peace and contentment.

The first two days my massage therapist and I decided for a stronger therapy and on the last day for a bit less intensive one. It felt like heaven, my whole body was in harmony and at times I felt as if I had drifted away. After the last therapy not only the tightness in my body but also psychic and emotional tensions disappeared.


I have had occasional pain in my spine and between the shoulder blades for many years now and sometimes they also spread to the lower part of my head. The condition got a lot better after I started coming to Spirala two years ago, but I decided also to try out the Spirala’s back therapy. During the massage certain points in my arm and my head felt painful, but the pain disappeared when the therapist pressed on the right spot. I also felt a strange cold sensation in my head which lasted about a minute. After every therapy I felt extremely light and my spine felt as new.

I would recommend Dorvita to everyone who is experiencing any kind of problems, not only back problems, because you will be able to do away with them faster with the help of this energy massage. I have more willpower now and I feel better. Seize the opportunity to do something good for yourself.


Because of bad inner state and severe apathy and fatigue I decided to take advantage of the 2 +1 offer, also to see what it feels like to have three energy back therapies in a row. A one-hour treatment itself is a balm to general well-being, not to mention how good it feels to the spine that carries around our body with all the stress 24/7. 3 days in a row is a gift that you give to yourself to lift up the spirit, to let the energy flow through you, for the posture to become better, to feel fresh and light and to overcome grumpiness or apathy or tiredness. During the message I had some physical reactions in the first two days and on the third day I only enjoyed the therapy, the energy flew freely and my body was light. It really does take some time for various tensions in your body to be relieved and this is stimulated by massaging the back through which the main energy meridian for the entire well-being runs. It’s hard to write down the feelings. If you love yourself, if you love your health and you want to spend quality days and life, then I recommend that you treat yourself to the energy back therapy three days in a row.


During the first Dorvita I felt strong pain in my left kidney, but it weakened gradually. My back was so tight I couldn’t feel any pain or knots and the tightness and pain in my neck and head grew stronger. During the second treatment the back and the neck became softer and I could feel many painful knots. The tightness and pain in my neck and head was there again but it disappeared faster than the day before. My knees were weak and I had physical reactions in my spine. All three days I felt pain in my left kidney, nausea and pain in the area of genitals and bladder. My back and neck became a lot more flexible. I felt and saw how dark energies were replaced with bright energies.

After three Dorvita therapies my back and neck are much more flexible and that’s why I’ll take advantage of this offer again. I recommend it to everyone.