When I first came to Spirala I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because I couldn’t live a normal life due to the constant loud music coming from my neighbour’s apartment. After many unsuccessful attempts to make him realise just how disturbing his actions were I was even ready to move. I was desperate but only after three weeks of attending the sessions at Spirala I managed to let go of my grudge against my neighbour and then asked him again to stop playing the loud music. Surprisingly it worked and also his attitude towards me has since changed completely. His music can now barely be heard and even that doesn’t happen that often.

NINA (20)

My name is Nina. I first came to Spirala 10 months ago because of panic attacks and depression. Before that I had been going to various psychiatrists and practitioners of alternative medicine but without success. I had taken antidepressants and tranquillizers but only after a few sessions at Spirala I stopped using them and have not taken one ever since, because I felt that this energy was stronger than any medicine. My condition has improved a lot. I also used to have frequent bladder infections and consequently bleedings but all that is now gone thanks to energy.

Before, I was very confused and indecisive and I never dared to stand up for myself. I was quickly offended and I always blamed others. Now I know that this were only my blockages. Now I can be more honest with people and yet feel more peaceful inside. I also had a lot of fears but now I’m not afraid anymore. I’m thankful to the energy for bringing me to Spirala. My future seems bright and I know that with the help of the energy I will be able to heal myself completely and live a free and happy life, which would not be possible without this process.


I first came to Spirala a year ago because of numerous health problems and because I was dissatisfied with my way of life in general. After a traffic accident which luckily ended without any major physical injuries I began to experience panic fear. I didn’t even dare to go shopping or drive a car, especially through tunnels. Sometimes I had a feeling I was going to die. First I sought help with psychiatrist, then various healers and at last I tried with reiki. This lasted for more than 7 years. I managed to overcome my fears only when I came to Spirala. When I told Lea about my nausea in the car she explained to me that this was just a reaction of the heart. Now I can drive my car without fear and with the support of energy, I can go out in nature by myself and queue in shops with no problem.


I came to Spirala because I felt that I needed strength for living. After I came into contact with the energy for the first time I felt peace inside me that I had never felt before. With further energy practice I have gained not only strength but also awareness about the true values in life. I have learnt how to preserve health, good relationships and inner peace, how to be creative and relaxed at work as well as in my private life. Everything that I have ever wanted I have learned in these last seven years with the help of the energy, which comes from the source of life and is in abundance. Besides all the knowledge that I have gained I am most happy about the fact that new levels of energy and with them the discovering of new beautiful energy experiences are unlimited, which means that I will be able to continue learning for the rest of my life.