URŠKA (21)

Before I started coming to Spirala, I often had headaches and also migraines actually, because I remember, that my head hurt for a whole week. It was unbearable, so I went to the doctor. She gave me two kinds of tablets – mild and strong. Because after a while mild tablets no longer helped, I went for the strong ones. At that moment a half of my head became numb and that’s when I decided not to take the tablets again even though the headaches didn’t go away. After I started coming to Spirala I noticed that the headaches were gone. When we learn to live with less stress and more relaxingly and calmly, headaches and other pain or illnesses, which are a consequence of a disrupted flow of life energy, automatically disappear.


Before I started coming to SPIRALA I’d been experiencing severe headaches every 14 days, which lasted one to two days. It got better only after I’d vomited up the entire content of my stomach. This sort of headaches usually appeared when I was preparing for an important event, such as different celebrations or my daughter’s prom. I always had to stay at home. Today I no longer have headaches, because at SPIRALA I’ve learned how to overcome them. I was often told that I should not get annoyed by headaches and that I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself. Instead I was taught to get up early and go for a walk, to stay up and be active, even if my head ached a lot. I mostly helped myself with relaxation and walking.

LUKA (27)

Ever since primary school I suffered from severe headaches or migraines every weekend. By taking part in SPIRALA’s sessions regularly, by relaxing and preparing for each day I was able to overcome migraines after a few weeks.  


My condition before SPIRALA:
Muscle pain, migraine, digestion problems, problems with my stomach and bile, kidneys and bladder, high blood pressure, oversensitivity, stress, insomnia, bad relationships in the family.

Changes and results:
I’ve got rid of migraines, my digestion got better. Also my stomach problems disappeared.

TOMI (30)

Ever since primary school I had problems with headaches and had to take pills. After a week of energy sessions my headaches were completely gone. However, after a few weeks I had such a strong headache like I’d never experienced before. I was aware that this was a reaction. It lasted one whole night but I knew that the roots of headache were coming out. Since then I haven’t had any headaches.

IDA (60)

I had headaches very often and always carried antibiotics with me. Usually headaches would appear three times a week and every month I had a migraine as well. When I came into contact with the energy practice, my headaches disappeared after two or three months – I don’t remember exactly. This was 10 years ago and I haven’t had headaches since.


I suffered from migraine, at first once a month and finally twice a week. I decided to do something about it. When I heard about Energy healing I started going to the sessions. After three days I only had one minor headache and since then no migraines or headaches. The key to my getting results so fast is that I realised that my headaches were a result of too much thinking and analysing. When I stopped doing that also my migraines and headaches stopped.


I had headaches approximately five times a year. They lasted for two days if I didn’t take at least two antibiotics in time. Thanks to what I learnt at SPIRALA my headaches went away and I don’t have them anymore. They disappeared after two strong reactions when the negative energy that had caused my headaches was washed away with the help of positive universal Energy.


Sessions at SPIRALA have helped me overcome migraines, I have become more relaxed and my general well-being has improved. I’m now more successful at work and I’m becoming happier.


By attending SPIRALA’s sessions I’ve achieved following improvements: I no longer have migraine, my cyst has shrunk, fungal nail infection has disappeared and many problems have stopped upsetting me.

MAJDA (46)

I had migraine headaches which I’ve managed to get rid of by coming to sessions and listening to the teachings at SPIRALA.