NINA (36)

About eleven years ago I did not even think that I would have needed any kind of change in my life. I lived fast and interesting, graduated, got a great job. My life felt so much like “Fast and Furious”. Who in this world would like to change that!? However, I was faced with difficulties, complications, pain and I kept telling myself that this is anyway happening to everyone. I never even imagined that it could have been different. However, I started experiencing disturbing fears of what is happening to my body when I started having problems with my heart. In the evenings it was pounding, shaking and I couldn’t even fall asleep. Actually, I did not dare to sleep because I was not sure if I will even wake up. Nights felt short and exhausting. In the mornings I felt heavy and already early in the day I regularly felt weak and could not figure out the cause. Such feelings became frequent and even though I have rarely visited doctors before I then compensated for all – infectious, cardiological, gastroenterology, abdominal, gynecological, and cardiological clinic again.

Nothing acute has been discovered except that my heart really doesn’t beat correctly; the cardial valve was thought to be defective but there was no cure available at the time. I was suggested to start taking pills to calm down my heart and I said to myself that I can neither live nor die feeling so unwell but taking pills for heart at twenty-six? No thanks; I was determined to find another solution. What do I need, I asked myself. And then, probably for the first time in my life I got a message; more energy. I searched our friend Google for “more energy” and found a website where people wrote about their results that they have achieved with energy training. Ha, two magic words for me – the energy that I need and training, something that as and athlete I have always considered beneficial. I should try, I said to myself and continued browsing the web.

I found information about Spirala in Ljubljana; I called and asked when to come. Samo was on the other side, explaining me the session were taking place ever day. Also during national holidays, I asked. Also, he replied. Do I need any sport equipment for these sessions, I asked. No, you will sit and listen, he answered. Well, this should be a very interesting training, I thought. Sitting… However, I felt this might be what I needed and something led me to my first session. Lea and Duško were in China that week, and I was being told to put myself forward and ask for support … I didn’t understand anything but I felt better and calmer, I started sleeping well again. When Lea and Dusan came back I was advised by Lea that I will not die yet. Uh, I was relieved, now I can do everything else. Thus began my training that I think will last for the rest of my life.

Probably you would like to find out what has happened to my heart next. First, I was shown that it is possible to feel differently and better. It gave me faith and trust in energy. After that reactions and cleaning of my energy blockages started occurring. I even had to come to Spirala in the middle of the day because my hands started shaking and I was not able to sit at the computer. Sometimes I dialled-in by phone, otherwise I was coming to Spirala twice every day. First in the morning to prepare for the day and then in the evening for an hour and a half long training. Yes, it was the first big change in my life. Firstly, I started getting up at half past four in the morning and in a few days started going to bed at ten in the evening. My biorhythm was changed by two hours and a half back/forward, either way you look at it. I experienced a lot of reactions and energy cleaning but within a few months I started feeling a big difference – my heart was calmer, I felt more efficient, powerful, I woke up rested and I achieved a special position within me which I have never felt before in my life – peace that you feel everywhere inside of you.

My blockages have always been more tied to physical things rather then psychological. Even before the process blockages in my spine started appearing. Medical diagnosis was that I had a compressed disk in the lumbar region, which is also known as a herniated and it cannot be corrected. I was advised to stretch and exercises and when it would hurt too much I was told to ingest an approved drug, which is a mixture of Tramal and Ketonal. After such experience you start understand why junkies are not able to do anything useful in their lives. Of course, by training all blockadges and pain sooner or later reappear but only in order to finally get healed. I had many reactions in my spine and I’m very happy to say that I went through them not only without taking a cocktail of Tramal and Ketonal but even without ordinary aspirin! Yeah, I was attending more energy training session – twice a day, including massage when pain was not too strong to handle. Otherwise I was practicing Qi Gong excercises every morning, relaxing and being open for new messages from energy flow. I am extremely grateful to the following experience: one day I got recognition, blockadges in my spine always came out whenever I felt resistance to my work. After sharing this to Lea and her confirmation, I was immensely happy and eventhough the reactions have not passed yet, it seemed to me as if I made a leap forward and indeed I was. Every time I felt pain in my back again, I started relaxing and checked myself if I feel any resistance. When I felt it I reported about it and the blockadges were released.

By a chance when I had an official business medical examination doctors found out that my valve was working normally. Then I stopped wearing eye lenses and wearing glasses began to disturb me. I was 28 years old at the time, which means two years have passed since I started with energy training. Because my driver’s license expired I had to go for an eye check, where doctors confirmed that my vision is at 100% and that I don’t need to wear glasses when driving. In fact, she even wondered if I needed to wear them at all.

PETRA (31)

I have felt that for quite a while that I need to do something to push myself to get new, fresh messages for weight loss and physical fitness. That’s why I decided to attend the Slim and Flexible course.

First of all I had a lot of fun at the course. Intensive weekend of healthy diet and cooking has gone by extremely fast. It was followed by a week of intense physical exercises and absorbing of new energy messages for a new, more active and healthy lifestyle. On top of that I started losing weight which gave me additional motivation to persist with the diet. I also found the one week-long group meetings very supportive and useful. They consisted of conversation, lessons, breathing exercises and active physical exercises.

The course is finishing next week and from then onwards I will need to practice the diet by myself. I feel high energy support and I’m confident that I will be able to reach my goal of losing 10 kg.

I recommend this course from the bottom of my heart to anyone who wants to change their life into a healthier, more active and satisfying lifestyle!

PETRA (33)

Bilious attacks

I got my first bilious attack shortly after giving birth. It was extremely painful, however I wasn’t scared because as soon as I have visited SPIRALA I realised what pain, illness and other problems that plague us in life really mean. It’s just cleaning of our souls through our bodies. If we know how to be happy with pain and how to accept it then it will disappear quickly and we become healthier and reach deeper inner peace.

In the very beginning I couldn’t be happy about the pain of bilious attack. By focusing on it I felt it even more and the pain was unbearable. I decided to immediately visit SPIRALA to get help where I asked Energy, which was acting through Master Lea, for help. I got the following instructions: Petra, sing! And so I did. Every time I experience an attack I immediately started to sing the “Kekec” song and kept singing until the pain stopped. During singing I felt in my heart that I was receiving healing. The attacks started appearing less often and the periods of pain were getting shorter with each attack. I remember the moment when I was home alone with my baby Iza. While I was changing her diapers I got another attack. Firstly, I was overwhelmed by the thought that now is not the right time to feel pain because I have to put my child to bed and the “Kekec” song came to my mind again. When I finished with the first verse of the song I felt that my bile opened like a window and then The Energy sucked out all the pain. This has happened in an instant and the attacks never occurred again since. I knew that my bile was cured without any help from doctors and tablets! Thank you Energy!

Weight loss 30kg

I have been fighting with food addiction throughout all of my youth. Even in my destiny reading, which I received in SPIRALA, was confirmed that I am having problems with obesity. I knew that I will have to go through hard training to overcome this deep blockage. Nevertheless, I decided to change and overcome my destiny, although many think that this is impossible. I signed up for the first weight loss and healthy lifestyle course at SPIRALA which was called “Vitka in gibka” and was led by a Master Lea. I knew that I needed to change the way I live and receive nutrition and change my attitude to food. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to succeed without any help from Energy. How did I know that? Because I’ve already lost 30 kg a few years ago which I’ve regained in a year after I deliberately stopped with losing weight. The second time was different because I learnt how to eat and cook healthy in the course. We were doing weight loss body exercises, relaxation, breathing exercises, etc. Most importantly, it was my soul that absorbed a tremendous amount of energy and messages about healthy lifestyle which were integrated into my lifestyle. I immediately started living differently. I managed to overcome the resistance to movement and I began eating only foods with low glycaemic index and as a result I had more energy and more joyful life. People have even noticed that my voice has changed, and that my energy is completely different and livelier. After one year I again lost 30 kg. I have become a ‘new’ Petra. It’s been three years now since I attended the course and I’m still slim and flexible. Thank you Lea and The Energy!


We came to Spirala 8 months ago because of our 7-month old son. He was born with severe lung and breathing problems, a strong cerebral haemorrhage, he couldn’t digest milk, all of which are life-threatening. We were told that even if he survived he wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life, because he would need a constant supply of oxygen at the least. Besides being gravely ill he was also in constant pain because of the illnesses and surgeries. He moaned and cried all the time and refused to eat. We were desperate.

We took him to Spirala after spending 7 months in hospitals, where they were not able to help him. When he had his first reaction I took him to the hospital again because I didn’t understand it, but the doctors couldn’t help either. Next time I persisted and stayed with him at Spirala’s centre for full five days and after that he was OK. Because of this my faith in energy increased immensely.

Today after 8 months Nian is a happy child, who smiles all the time, is progressing physically and is basically a normal child. Also his squinting has disappeared and he began to eat. All the doctors think it’s a total miracle. I believe everything will be alright with the help of energy. I cannot imagine what our life would be like without Spirala. I want to thank Dušan and Lea for channelling such strong energy as well as everyone else at Spirala.


One year before I first came to Spirala I got asthma and almost at the same time fairly big and painful ovarian cysts began to appear, which caused also strong bleedings, each a few weeks long. The cysts, which were benign, were surgically removed, but grew back after a month. I was prescribed contraceptives but stopped taking them after a month because they caused me severe depression. I was offered another surgery but instead chose to undergo homoeopathic treatment, which in fact proved to be more successful. However because of long-term use of homoeopathic medicine I got bladder infection. After two weeks of Spirala’s sessions I bled strongly for a few days but a month later my menstrual cycle was back to normal and has remained such for the last six months. I still have ovary pain but it’s getting weaker. Because of these results I decided to stop taking medications for asthma and the illness has almost disappeared. I don’t choke anymore without reason or as a result of stress and can walk fast uphill even if the air is cold. I feel that I will soon be able to start running again as well.

PETRA (29)

When I started working also my anginas started occurring – every two months for approximately two years. And with them came sick leaves and each time at least two packages of antibiotics. The cause of my anginas is not important, the important thing is, that when I came to Spirala they ended. There were some minor reactions but they were over quickly – without taking sick leave and most importantly without antibiotics. However, the roots were still there. And in December 2010 it began for real with a strong pain in the throat and a swelling which grew bigger each day to the point that I couldn’t swallow. Only when I realised after many sessions that I had to rejoice at this reaction for the anginas to go away forever did it happen – I felt sheer joy and the next day the angina was gone. For good? Oh, it doesn’t really matter.

As a little girl I had an operation on my left ear because of frequent inflammations and hearing problems and was diagnosed with a benign tumour which could lead to meningitis. After I started going to Spirala I first felt vibrations in my ear and after some time I started getting some sort of liquid and cheesy discharge from my ear. And suddenly I discovered that my husbands’ snoring started to bother me at night, which meant that my hearing got better!


In a bit more than two years of visiting Spirala my attitude towards life has changed a lot. Although I first came to Spirala because of work-related problems, I can see that the condition of my health has been improving along the way. I have practically forgotten that I was diagnosed with strong candidiasis and flour and egg allergy and that I had spine problems. I even began eating meat after 15 years and gave up all alternative methods which I had used in trying to make my life better for 25 years.

Today I live differently. I start my day by getting ready for the day, I have a steady job which I love and even in my spare time I’m always active. My relationship with my life partner and people around has improved. I’m virtually never tired, even though I work for 10-12 hours and I experience stressful situations differently. I have peace in my soul and I’m thankful I’m not struggling like people around me. I’m thankful for what I have learned at Spirala.

ALJAŽ (10)

It was Saturday when I came back from Serbia. I became ill with chickenpox. We went to Spirala, after which the symptoms showed – fever (as high as 39.5°C) and spots. I got medicine but decided not to take it and get better only with the help of energy. Every day I went to Spirala and every day the symptoms became a bit worse, but there was no itching. On Wednesday the fever decreased and by next day I was well without taking any kind of medicine, but I stayed at home until the end of the week so that my classmates wouldn’t think that I hadn’t really been ill. Compared to my neighbour who still has scars I spent half the time she did for getting well and had much fewer scars after the illness.

It pays off to practise at Spirala!