Money and business

LUKA (27)

After I started coming to Spirala regularly my company had noticeably more business and also in my private life things changed for the better. Whenever my wife and I need money we receive a guideline which we then have to follow to get the money.  


I work in public administration where salaries don’t change and where the possibility that one might improve their financial flow is therefore smaller. However, a while ago there were some temporary transfers taking place at work. I was transferred with a co-worker to such a place that we were able to drive to work together with two or three new co-workers. By doing this my income increased that year by 300 Euros per month. This was a very favourable combination of circumstances and others from my original workplace didn’t experience such financial benefits.

VERA (67)

I started coming to Spirala because I was physically and mentally shattered. But in the end also my financial situation improved, which was a great miracle to me.  


I first came to SPIRALA two years ago although I didn’t have any major problems in life. With regular training the quality of my life has still improved immensely, but my biggest result is in the field of finances because I’ve managed to increase my financial flow. I had always feared that I wouldn’t have enough money and so I’d calculate and worry about how I was going to make it through the month. With the help of SPIRALA’s instructors and with the group’s support I managed to remove financial blockages and at the same time increase my abilities which in turn brought me higher earnings. Even when situation seemed most hopeless, miraculously an opportunity for a new work would appear. My faith grew stronger and I was able to realise that there was enough money and that it always came at the right moment. Although a few months ago I was very sceptical about whether I would be able to raise enough money for going to Africa, I have managed to do so. I now also appreciate my work more and I don’t have problems with setting the price for it. I don’t just work to survive now. Instead, I can afford various things in the material world.


By attending SPIRALA’s sessions I’ve done away with migraines, I’ve become calmer and my general well-being has improved. I’ve become more successful in business. I’m becoming happier.


I’ve been coming to SPIRALA for only five months at the weekends. I was a workaholic and was addicted to money and material goods. With the help of energy training I’ve already managed to overcome my addiction to material goods and the discovery that the material world overwhelms us and leads us to sickness has given me greater and greater faith that learning at SPIRALA is the true path to a healthy, relaxed and rich life.  

IDA (51)

Energy provides you even with money – if you believe and have faith in it, of course. I was in a situation where I wanted to attend sessions at Spirala, but I also needed new winter boots. Well, it just so happened that there was no snow that winter and so I had money for the sessions.

A while ago I received a message that I would get the money for which I was told a year ago that I wasn’t entitled to it.